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Do you wish to expand your reach in the audience by producing engaging content? At this platform, we welcome writers keen to write for us their Lifestyle experiences with the readers in a convincing and creative way. If you have any content to share on the topic of Lifestyle, Self Improvement Pets, CBD, Shopping, or Sports. Your suggested tips and tricks can help many people find their way around. As for you, writing on these topics will give you closure and strengthen your bond with the audience.

The Lifestyle, Sports, Pets, Self Improvement guest post that you Write for Us must be unique and well written with the motive of encouraging your audience to do better in their lives.

Why Lifestyle Write for Us

Your guest post must be lifestyle-focused for the most part. Lifestyle is a vast topic. If your guest post includes interesting stories regarding any of the topics mentioned above, then you should submit your guest post to us at

Note that the articles you submit to us must meet our standards. For example, the guest post must be well-written, error-free, and relevant to your chosen topic. If your article does not align with our requirements, our team will seize your submission for any other process.

Pets Write for us – Guest Post

Pets Write For Us
Pets Write For Us

People love to read about different methods that can help improve their Pets lifestyle.You can share your experience with the audience using the magic of your words.

Self Improvement Write for us – Guest Post

Self Improvement Write for us

This is the most trending topic generally popular among youth. Your advice and tips can help a lot of young readers learn new methods of positive beautification. With your share of knowledge regarding Self Improvement, you can guide the targeted audience in the right direction.

Sports Write for us – Sport Guest Post

Sports Write for us

Being a sports enthusiast, your suggestions and wisdom of knowledge can enthral the audience. So use your words smartly to deliver relevant information about food and diet.

Guidelines to submit a Lifestyle guest post

  • The word count of the article must exceed 550.
  • In each section, only four sentences can be used at most or 2 at least.
  • The content must be unique and not copied from elsewhere. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, and should you quote a personality in your content, the reference must be mentioned.
  • The title of your content must be attractive and Lifestyle-focused. Off-topic discussions are not preferred, as you must stick to the topic while touching the different areas of Lifestyle like Health, Fitness, Beauty, Pets, etc.
  • Use of subheadings is necessary.
  • A section of your article must include two images.
  • Avoid using passive voice while writing material.
  • Before submitting your guest post to us, make sure that the article is free from grammatical errors and has no incomplete information. The content must be easily understandable to the audience.
  • Make sure that your content has a variety of transitions so that the readers do not lose interest in the middle of reading.
  • Avoid adding links to your content that refer to Alcohol, Casino, or any other Illegal site.
  • It is preferred not to add any promotional content to the article. However, if you wish to do so, we will charge a specific fee for you.
  • If you wish to include pages of other sites for additional information, mention their links in your content.

Follow the instructions above while writing your guest post

How can I share my Write For Us Lifestyle Content?

For submission, email us at The subject line should include the title of your article, guest post or write for us and the article must be attached in a Word Doc or Google Doc format in the email. Do not send pdf formatted files.

After receiving your article, our team of editors will review the quality of your content and decide whether it should be published for the audience or not.

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