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Livingfeeds is a famous media platform that is created to guide our readers to make a positive life that’s happier & healthier. Our researched and informative blogs help them shape their lives encouragingly by solving real-life problems and improving health and fitness with self-healing techniques. 

Livingfeeds has won numerous content quality awards nationally. Our youth writing contests are well appreciated and provide new writers with a platform to show their skills to the world.

Vision Statement 

“To make people healthy and happy “

Mission Statement 

“Become essential to our readers by providing value added and informative blogs to help them achieve satisfaction.” 

Our History

A team of professional authors started working for clients as a freelance and weekly newsletter author. Livingfeeds become independent media company in 2019 and become the top influencer of lifestyle blog on the internet. Livingfeeds is the first source of lifestyle blogs, real-life solutions and health & fitness to improve the quality of life across the world. Slowly and gradually we got loved from our readers and on demand we started to write about home and garden, fashion trends and beauty.

Our Editorial Policies

Livingfeeds are founded by internationally distributed experienced authors who are famous for their services in the industry. We write for the wellbeing of people and in light of this, we strive to make our readers feel motivated and at ease throughout the entire journey of our blogs.

Our Staff is well studied and informative; we write on the topics which are well researched and tested. Our policy is strict regarding posting and advertising. We don’t recommend things that provide any harm and tips that don’t add value to our readers. Our staff members independently choose the things we recommend based on comprehensive testing and research. We earn commission on products from affiliate stores.

We welcome new authors/writers to join us and share their experience and knowledge with our readers but before writing check some guidelines:

  1. Make sure we haven’t already published the topic you want to write about: our website has a search bar. You should use it. If it is already published, let our team know how you can make a better version of it?
  2. Describe what you are going to write in a para or less: send us an email in which you describe what and how you would write it and provide sources. Making it must add value to readers.
  3. And try to bring the working head: Headlines give us ideas about the whole article structure and what you are going to cover in it.

Welcome to Livingfeeds.com! We look forward to share, publish valuable content and information about wide ranging topics from

We all need our moments to be alone to be able to reflect and gather oneself. Let us be your mirror and let us bestow upon you some great insight!

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