Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Aandal Khan

is a creative writer & a BBA Student from Karachi Pakistan. He is Co-Admin at livingfeeds.com. Mostly share ideas about Technology, Sports, Travel, Health, PPC etc

10 Tips to Build an Effective Beauty Routine for Busy Students

Maintaining a glowing look is challenging, even more so if you’re a busy college student. No matter what major you’re pursuing, you surely don’t...

How to Become an Independent Musician?

Starting a music career seems like an easy thing to do, especially if you have the talents. But, it takes a lot more than...

How to Dress in Neutral Fashion this Summer

Yes, you can pull off a neutral style this summer!  We know, summer is usually all about bright colors and bold patterns. But if you...

What you might forget when starting up a business from home

The number of start-up businesses has been on the rise for years, but there has been a boom in the last few years in...

Daily Sleeper Black Feather Pajamas – It’s Never too Late to go for the Classics

Fall is already here and this means that it’s time to change your summer fits for more weather-appropriate options. And even if you might...

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