Monday, February 6, 2023
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Aandal Khan

is a creative writer & a BBA Student from Karachi Pakistan. He is Co-Admin at Mostly share ideas about , Sports, Travel, Health, etc. At Living Feeds, Aandal Khan wears multiple hats, including Operations Director, Inbound Marketing Strategist, and Content Writer. He is passionate about assisting business owners in achieving rapid growth through inbound marketing and creative content marketing methods. He enjoy writing about digital marketing, sales, social media, technology, and health. He holds a marketing degree from a prestigious university in the United States and works as an entrepreneur and strategic writer. Aandal khan has been nominated for Brand impact awards and has won multiple awards in his career. His aim is to provide information, advice and resources to a business to grow and overcome the obstacles that it faces. He feels that these issues should be accessible to everyone, hence he is dedicated to assisting others in realizing their digital potential through written articles.

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