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How to Handle Culture Shock Experiences – Might Be Beneficial

While most shocks to a new culture aren’t lasting longer than a few minutes, in some instances the impact of culture shock can cause feelings of being at home, lonely, and sometimes depression-like symptoms. If you’re experiencing difficulties with the culture shock you encounter while studying in the USA it’s important to know how to adapt slowly and what resources are to help you in navigating your way. Find out more about the experiences you’ve had and receive suggestions on how to handle the situation and discover what you can do to get assistance from our guide for how to deal with the cultural anxieties of students from different countries.

If you talk to seniors about their lives experiences, most will share the most important and beautiful experiences occurred when they ventured outside of their comfort zone.

As adults , we are always engaged, we can slip into boredom and routine all time. Moving to a new nation is among the most effective ways to break free from the routine. There are many people who dream of living and traveling in another country, but the majority people don’t realize their dream. The fear of having be in a foreign country and dealing with cultural shock is a major factor that prevents many from embarking on their journey.

What is Culture Shock – Defination

Culture shock can be defined as an emotional disorder that is that is characterized by feelings of fear and shock. It is a possibility when you’re in a foreign country which is far away from your family or home members, and also your friends. The majority of people feel a sense of homesickness and sadness at the first few days of their journey. The experience of experiencing a different scent and language, people who are not visible and a completely new culture can be exciting and frightening.

Although the majority of people who take a vacation are subject to some kind in the form of culture shock it’s not something to worry about. In fact, experiencing cultural shock is a beneficial aspect, particularly during young adulthood, because it offers you with an opportunity to discover more about yourself, encourages you to think out of the box and to adapt as well as provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of a different and, eventually become a more active world citizen.

The stages of cultural shock Experience

  1. The Honeymoon Stage – You are very positive that you are interested and anticipate your next adventure. You can even imagine the culture that your hosts have.
  2. Hostility and hostility easy to think that something distinct isn’t necessarily positive. It can be difficult to comprehend the host’s system or culture. can be unclear. It’s merely a matter of being able to state that they act differently than perform things in a manner that’s sloppy. The reason you are unhappy could be attributed on the current way of living (and its flaws) rather than the actual process of adjusting.
  3. Progressive Adjustment You’ll be more relaxed and possess an objective, sensible perspective on your experiences.
  4. adaptation of Biculturalism you feel euphoria and a respect for the cultural background of the host.
  5. “Re-entry” Shock You return home to find that it’s not what you imagined it would go.

Here are five ways that having to experience the shock of culture can be advantageous for you:

  • Culture shock experiences can influence the character of a person in a dramatic way. It helps you be more confident in your abilities, to endure periods of uncertainty and loneliness and develop a more resilient skin.

Personal development for individuals is extremely intense when they confront their vulnerability. In a new setting, it can be terrifying and also uncomfortable, making it hard to get around. However, these experiences help shape your character as an individual. They allow you to identify your strengths and what that make you who you are. Stressful situations reveal your personality and, typically, they build it.

  • Being shocked by an unfamiliar culture after coming in contact with a different language may make you need to adjust and master the language swiftly.

The need to learn a second language is becoming increasingly crucial in the current world of interconnectivity. The process of learning a language in a classroom is very different from traveling into a new globe and learning about its language in your own way. Both are connected and when you learn a second language, you can think differently.

  • If the effects of cultural shock wear off and you’re more comfortable in your new surroundings, you’ll be able to expand your circle of friends to include those from all over the world.
  • The most exciting things about traveling and living in a foreign country is meeting new people and making friends with others. Being around people from different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives can be transformative, as it can transform your mind to become more open. Additionally, it opens up opportunities to you in various regions of the world which would otherwise be impossible for you.
  • Don’t be afraid of experiencing culture shock, as the feeling of coming to experience a completely different culture can be a exciting and thrilling experience.

If you’re on the move or are a resident of a different country, you’ll have the chance to see things you are not likely to see or experience. You’ll also be able to witness interesting and exciting things that you can’t be done in your own country. Imagine how exciting it would be through the back of the back of an elephant Southeast Asia, travel through the rice fields of China or stroll through the rice fields in China, walk across The Red Square in Russia or experience the Amazon basin in Brazil. The experience of discovering a new culture by listening to its music, trying new foods and learning about the traditions and past of the destination you choose can not only enrich your personal life but it will also give you an unforgettable experience that will be remembered as you grow older.

  • Experiences of cultural shock can teach you the crucial lesson that the globe isn’t huge and that we, despite our differences, we’re all connected and are alike.

In spite of the diverse cultures of ethnicities, languages and cultures regardless of the differences in culture, ethnicity and languages, we all share the same desires for affection and to be happy with the things we do to safeguard our loved ones and family and earn money. It is an excellent method to remind us that we share the same experiences in this amazing planet.

Note: If you’re afraid to be on your own, you can get some help from an international security service. Nonetheless, the ability to experience a new level of relaxation by travelling to the undiscovered world is a unique experience that is unlike none other, and you should have it every once in your lifetime.

If you’re a student in the undergraduate level, I’d recommend that you step away from your fears and comfortable zone and embark on the adventure of the rest of your life. There are many choices to choose from in the university exchange program , or via international internships offered by your local AIESEC chapter. AIESEC provides students with the chance to participate in international internships and to travel around across the globe. The ability to experience a new level of relaxation by travelling to the undiscovered world is a unique experience that is unlike none other, and you should have it every once in your lifetime.

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