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5 Reasons Why Turning 40 is Awesome

“A learned fellow once said, I am not 40, I am 18 with 22 years experience. And we couldn’t agree less. Turning 40 should be one of the most incredible times in your life, because you are wiser now, have dealt with life challenges such as work, marriage and family, and even more interesting you don’t have to worry about your looks as you did before. So if you are feeling miserable about aging, here are 5 reasons why turning 40 is awesome!

Everyday is a Celebration

You already know what you want in life, your goals are precise, your family and friends are there to support you, and you are aware that every minute you spend idling, will go to waste. You learn to celebrate small and big events in life and the frequency of celebrations increases in your lifestyle. You have no time waste so you enjoy life more, work more, and celebrate life more.

Your Words Depict Wisdom

Uttering unreasonable words becomes less. You are aware that looks are just temporary, but words can mean a lot to someone. You are not afraid of speaking out what is on your mind on things concerning you and the people around you.

Better Decision Maker

You have been listening to other people’s opinion on how you should live your life. Be it school, sports, of family, there has always been someone poking their nose in your life because they assumed you couldn’t make the better decisions. Fortunately, now that you are 40, you can keep your business private and eliminate the unwanted opinions and advice. You are in an authority position; whether as an individual, a parent, a partner or in the office. Life ups and downs have taught you a lot and you can now make your own decisions as well as others.

You can bring the crazy self back

There is a reason why everyone kept telling you to put more effort in your 20s and 30s; they did so that you can go back to your crazy and silly version when you are finally 40 years. Your kids are now all grown up and have their own life so it’s about time that you get some me time too. Though you will be less wild, you are willing to try new things when it comes to fashion, trying new cuisines and exploring new places.

You are Stronger and More Independent

You have probably gone through a lot in your past such that any amount of negativity never seems to take a toll on you whether physically, emotionally or mentally. You have the responsibility of taking care of your family and you are ready to face more challenges each day as they will allow you to learn and grow as a person. You are more confident, your life is more meaningful and has a direction and you are not afraid to deal with hardships because you have already dealt with a share of problems.

So, do not forget the old saying Life begins at 40’s: it really does, if you embrace it positively. If you feel nervous about hitting the 40 years mark , you should not worry at all. You will love it!”

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