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5 Fun Outdoor Activities For A Good Workout

“Working out can get a little boring, especially if you choose to keep all of your workouts indoors! You have to be willing to live a little and just get out there and work out! Finding activities to do outside to get a good workout actually is not that hard.


Frisbee is actually a great way to get a workout outside! You would not believe how many calories that you burn by playing Frisbee outside. Whether it’s running around or even the decent arm workout you get by throwing the Frisbee to another person, you can really get a great workout from playing Frisbee. Best of all, it doesn’t seem like you are officially working out is a good lifestyle. It’s just a laid back, completely fun way to actually get some exercise, fresh air, and best of all, sunshine.


Getting up onto a paddleboard is a crazy fun way to get your exercise on! This workout is fun because you get to take your exercise not just outdoors but into the water! It’s a total switch up from normal routines. Ditch your traditional work out gear in favor of a bathing suit and some board shorts. It’s a full body workout, helping you get those arms, legs, and core completely toned. And it’s fun!

Play Some Volleyball

Volleyball outdoors can be a really fun activity! Particularly if you have two or more people, this game is great for working out every part of the body. Serving gets your arms toned, the movement is your cardio, jumping strengthens your legs, and the crouching is like doing squats all of the time! This is a great game to play and putting up a net is completely easy to do. Or you can go to the park and play there! The choice is yours.

Try Out The Trapeze

Believe it or not, trapeze classes for workouts are totally popular right now. They’re innovative, and if you want to feel like a five star performer who’s totally got this, trapeze workouts are the way to go. It’s also a fun way to impress your friends. After all, if you’re not too scared to go up high in the air and cling to a trapeze with just your legs, you get major cool points. But this workout does exercise your core, with abdominal muscles necessary to keep you in place. So best of all, you get closer to building that six pack every time you do it!

Go Trail Running

Trail running is pretty much what it sounds like. You lace on your sneakers and hit the trails. The mixed terrain makes it a very challenging workout. By no means is this an easy exercise. Adjusting to incline changes, finding your balance, and looking for footholds makes this type of outdoor workout completely engaging as well as a powerhouse fitness activity. Aerobic and anaerobic systems are both used for this exercise, giving your body the complete workout it needs.

Check out some of these activities as a great way to get a workout! You won’t regret changing things up and getting out there to do a new thing when you see how fun and how great of a workout it is. So go outside and get cracking! Your muscles and body will thank you!”

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