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We aspire to guide people with the power of words and wisdom. Whether you are a Kitchen expert or know your ways around Gardening, your advic e can help people struggling to do such tasks. We wish to hire Kitchen and Garden writers for our site who can bring insightful knowledge to the table.

As a writer, you can write for us guest post about home Improvement, decoration, Garden Kitchen, etc different methods that can be followed to improve the results. However, when writing a guest post, you must only consider factual and relevant information as we do not entertain impractical content. Similarly, we pay special attention to the validity and originality of your content by passing it through special plagiarism detecting tools. Therefore, you must make sure to keep all the requirements in check before submitting your guest post.

We have a team of experts, including analysts, content strategists, and editors, who will ensure that your submitted guest post is well-defined, relevant to the topic, and informative for the target audience. The information must not be vague and present definite points in a reader-friendly tone. While writing excruciating material for the guest post, you can relate to areas that you can touch, could be plants and their life expectancy, diseases, biodiversity, and much more.

Kitchen Write For Us
Kitchen Write For Us

What’s in it for you

We believe in a progressive approach, and once you learn to write for us and what the audience needs for you, you will be unstoppable. Not only will you get to connect with the audience on a deeper level, but you will also learn a variety of writing ethics.

Checklist for submitting guest post

If you want your guest post to be immediately accepted by our team for publication, you must adhere to the following instructions while writing the article.

  1. The word count of the article must be more than 600.
  2. In each section, only 4 sentences can be used at most or 2 at least. Avoid redundancy in vocabulary.
  3. The content must be unique and not copied from elsewhere. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, and should you quote a personality in your content, the reference must be mentioned.
  4. The title of your content must be attractive and Kitchen or Garden-focused. Off-topic discussions are not preferred, as you must stick to the topic while touching the different areas of the Home such as Kitchen, Garden, Decoration, etc.
  5. Use of subheadings is necessary.
  6. Avoid using passive voice while writing.
  7. Before submitting your guest post to us, ensure that the article is free from grammatical errors and has no incomplete information. The content must be easily understandable to the audience.
  8. Make sure that your content has a variety of transitions so that the readers do not lose interest in the middle of reading.
  9. Avoid adding links to your content that refer to Alcohol, Casino, or any site included in the category of violations.
  10. It is preferred not to add any promotional links to the article.
  11. If you wish to include pages of other sites for additional information, mention both internal and external links in your content.

For submission, send us an email at feedsliving@gmail.com? The subject line should include a striking title of your article, Write for us Home Improvement Write For Us – Kitchen, Garden Guest Post.

Generally, our team takes 48 hours to review a guest post. After that, if we find your article concrete, exciting and unique, we will publish it on our website.

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