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The Top 5 Reasons To Grow Your Own Garden

There are so many advantages to growing your own garden. Whether it be at your apartment, at your house, at your house, or on your property, there are a lot of benefits that come with a simple garden. So check out your options and see why you should start one of your own! From container gardening to bed gardening, there are a lot of reasons to grow your own food.

It’s Cheaper Than The Grocery Store

Having your own garden is immensely cheaper than shopping at the grocery store. The grocery store inflates prices up and charges a lot more for example, a head of lettuce, than you would ever end up paying if you grew it yourself! That’s the beauty of growing your own food: you grow it from seed, but seeds literally cost pennies on the dollar, where in the store it is elevated to much more than that and becomes dollars. It’s really just so much more expensive than it needs to be. So when you have your own garden, you get to grow everything for pennies for seed packets instead of dollars for the fruited plant. It’s a no brain decision and it will save you tons of money.

It’s Healthy, Fresh, and Local

Food that has just been pulled out of your garden is so much healthier for you than other foods because you’ve literally just picked it. It’s that much fresher and hasn’t had time to sit around and let its nutrients decay. Basically, you’ve got your vegetable, fruit, or herb at the peak of ripeness. It just cannot get any fresher than that.

It’s Relaxing

Growing your own garden is relaxing, and anything that is relaxing is good for you. It’s a nice way to take the stress out of your day and find yourself in a zen state, pursuing your hobby. Everyone needs something to do that puts them at ease and helps them just relax. Gardening can do that for you. It’s a nice way to pass an hour or two, be outside, and just feel great.

You Can Choose What You Grow

When you make your own garden, you decide what you want to grow in it! It’s not like in a CSA, where what is grown is already determined and you just get a share of it. You get to design your own garden, your own food, and your own style. So pack in the types of foods you want and leave out what you don’t. This garden is your call!

It’s Green

Having your own garden is the best because you are totally green! If you count the energy that you burn from your garden to your house, it’s human powered. But food that goes to the grocery store or even gets driven to farmer’s markets, causing extra pollution to enter the atmosphere.

No matter how you set up your garden, there are so many reasons to grow your own food. From herbs to vegetables to fruits, read up, research, and start growing your own garden. You won’t believe the results.

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