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Do you consider yourself a travelling geek? Do you possess the qualities of a writer? If yes, then LivingFeeds welcome you to write for us a travel guest post this combination can take you to places, and what better place than this to start your journey. Write a guest post to us, including all the thrilling adventures and things you learned while travelling worldwide. Your expression of words should be able to recreate the same feeling with the audience. If you find yourself eligible to submit such articles, then keep reading.

We prefer guest post material that is unique, error-free and aligns with our set of requirements perfectly. We like the highest quality content that catches the attention of our audience at first glance. Being a good writer, your words must resonate with the sentences so that the readers do not lose focus while connecting with your experience.

We believe in research and first-hand experiences. We aim to present information to our audience only if it is accurate, consistent, and free from personal biases. We only accept proper research and authenticity arguments, whether it is about travelling tips, tricks, advice, hacks, or opinions. Impractical knowledge or suggestions should not be encouraged by the writers at any cost. As a writer, we expect you to only include information in the guest post supported by hard facts and declarative knowledge. A writer should think twice before submitting a guest post that is irrelevant to the topic and contain plagiarized content. 

Travel Guest Post

Why Write for Us On Travel

We never miss a chance to praise an exceptional guest post if and when it comes along. Your guest post can add tons of value to our site. Not only that, but you can keep the market audience hooked with your style as long as you are willing to put forward the best material for your readers. Your quality writing can make the work of editors, strategists, analysts, and readers extremely valuable. 

Travel Write For Us Topics

  • Travelling Tips
  • Backpack packing Tips
  • Experiences & Adventure
  • Hotels & Accommodation
  • Must Visit Places
  • Best Travel Destinations
  • Holiday Visits
  • Top Vacation Places
  • Winter Vacation
  • Summer Vacation
  • Exploring Islands
  • Best Foods To Try
Hotel Guest Post

Here’s how you can get your Guest-Post approved for publication

  1. The word count of the article must exceed 600.
  2. In each section, only four sentences can be used at most or two at least.
  3. The content must be unique and not copied from elsewhere. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, and should you quote a personality in your content, the reference must be mentioned. 
  4. The title of your content must be attractive and Travel-focused. Off-topic discussions are not preferred, as you must stick to the topic while touching the different areas of Traveling like Hotels, To-do lists, Photography, Backpack, Fitness, Travel Guide, Gifts, Shops and historical places, tours, etc.
  5. Use of subheadings is necessary.
  6. Avoid using passive voice while writing material.
  7. Before submitting your guest post to us, ensure that the article is free from grammatical errors and has no incomplete information. The content must be easily understandable to the audience with an element of surprise in it.
  8. Make sure that your content has a variety of transitions so that the readers do not lose interest in the middle of reading.
  9. Avoid adding links to your content that refer to Alcohol, Casino, or any site included in the category of violations as dictated by Google laws.
  10. It is preferred not to add any promotional content to the article.
  11. If you wish to include pages of other sites for additional information, mention their links in your content.
  12. For submission, please email us at The subject line should include the title of your article, and the report must be attached in a Doc or Google Doc format in the email. Do not send pdf formatted files. 

Our team of analysts, editors and strategy experts will examine your content based above considerations

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