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Worst Foods to Feed Your Children

We only want the best for our kids. However, when it comes to the best and worst foods, it’s hard to manage our kids and it would take a lot of determination and perseverance to make them eat healthy. There are several healthy foods we’re aware of, such as fruits and vegetables, and unhealthy foods like cheeseburger and chips. Then, there are foods that you probably think are nourishing your kid, but in all honesty, they contain little nutritional value and a generous amount of fats and sugar. Here are some of them.

Luncheon Meats

Smoked ham, bologna, and even roast beef; name it, these are just some of the processed meats that you could easily find in a kid’s lunchbox. Perhaps, you’re thinking that it’s good for your kid, because of protein, but have you ever considered that by feeding your child sliced meat sandwich daily, you’re also stuffing his/her body with dangerous and toxic food ingredients? Have a look at the labels and you’ll discover that your junior’s favorite luncheon meat has nitrates a preservative used in food processing that’s very harmful to one’s health and could increase the risks of heart disease and cancer.

Sweet Drinks and Soda

Sugary drinks are available almost anywhere from vending machines to restaurants and you wouldn’t have a hard time finding one that your kid would definitely love. Likewise, they’re also sold in supermarkets and are usually bottled, such as teas, fruit drinks, sports drinks, and energy drinks. However, are you aware of how much sugar content these drinks have?

Sweet tea, soda, and even fruit drinks don’t have any nutrients at all, but are packed with plenty of calories more than what you’ll ever need. Also, research shows that even if we’re eating less, if we’re still consuming these sugary drinks losing weight is definitely hopeless.

Plain water is perfect for hydrating the body and it should make up most of what we drink each day, especially for kids. Though, if plain water bores you, there are several beverages without calories, such as black and green teas. Aside from hydrating the body, they’re also rich in anti-oxidants. Furthermore, even though skimmed milk has some calories in it, kids could benefit from the nutrients and vitamins it has.

Chicken Nuggets

Who would say no to chicken nuggets? Both adults and kids alike love these yummy treats! Its available in every restaurant and you could easily buy packs in the grocery store. However, chicken nuggets also contain 20 or more ingredients that are harmful to one’s health, and in restaurants, it’s often fried in oil with additives, such as dimethylpolysiloxane, in order to prevent foaming.

Instead of buying from fast food, you could make your own version instead. Chicken strips are a good alternative, and we’re quite confident that your kids would love them too.

Fruit Snacks

It’s easy to believe that these snacks are healthy, full of vitamins and minerals, and are perfect for children. However, these fruit snacks are also loaded with sugar, high in fructose, artificial colors, preservatives, and corn syrup. Keep in mind, they’re not fresh fruits, but prepackaged fruits that contain very little to none fruits at all.

These fruit snacks could ruin your children’s teeth and be the cause of weight gain. Fortunately, you could opt for healthier versions that don’t have added sweeteners and 100% real fruit. Though, the best solution would be, stick to fresh fruits instead.

French Fries

Most parents are aware that their children love French Fries and so, even though it’s bad for the health, they can’t say no to their little munchkins.

Moderation is the key. If you’re going to feed your little ones with fries, don’t do it daily, but maybe once or twice a week. Likewise, this shouldn’t be their main meal either, but more of a snack. Yes, they’re potatoes, but often high in fat and sodium. Unfortunately, the same goes for cheese snacks, potato chips, and any fried and puffed snack food. If you want a healthier alternative, you should just switch to baked chips or make your own potato wedges instead.

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