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Why Jub Jub Mother Was Jailed?

Mama Jackie, also dubbed the Mother Theresa of Diepkloof, was sentenced on Friday 12 years in prison, of which five years were suspended for the sale of the two children to a couple who were childless in addition to operating an orphanage in a way that was illegally run.

The 61-year old Raisibe Ramohlola might also have a hard time working on children’s issues for five more years following the time her release from jail.

The judge Mahomed Ismail, sitting in the high court in Pretoria Judge Mahomed Ismail, sitting in Pretoria’s high court, stated recognized that she had selflessly assisted orphaned or abandoned children and carried out humanitarian work.

“In essence she is a good person and not the normal violent criminal,” the judge declared.

Healso said that although everything worked out for this particular case, where two children were able to become an unmarried and loving family, an important message needed to be communicated that child trafficking is not to be accepted.

The judge noted that in many cases of child trafficking, children are sex slaves.

Mama Jackie, up to the last moment, claimed that she had never sold the children for whom she was later found guilty. She she insisted that her husband gave her R30000 for her orphanage.

Jub Jub Mother Was Jailed due to selling innocent children.

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