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Why Cannabis is a Viable Solution to the Problems of Chronic Pain

Let’s start by pointing out that the science around cannabis relief related to chronic conditions is still ongoing, but there is much hope and evidence from people already using cannabis to manage their chronic pain conditions that it’s worth continuing the conversation. While cannabis is in no way a cure for chronic pain, many people swear by its healing properties, or at least, how it makes them feel better. As with most things in life, you need to try it for yourself to find out if it is going to be a viable solution for your chronic pain problems, but we’ve got some reasons why you should consider it, even if you aren’t a fan of the product itself. 

Cannabis Calms You Down

While not all strains of cannabis will make you feel at ease, many medicinal strains are cultivated to help relax people. When used right off the bud, some people don’t find as much relief as if they use CBD oil products where the medicinal properties have been separated out from the plant itself. Of course, we all know those people who smoke bongs and joints and get hyper for a while, but many people do experience relaxing effects that can last several hours. CBD oil products make it easier for people suffering from chronic pain to manage their treatments and control how much they use when they need it. 

Cannabis Makes you Sleep Better

Because your body will be in a relaxed state, and because many people know that it helps to calm them down, chronic pain sufferers can use it to help them prepare for sleep. It takes a great deal of energy and exertion to make our bodies run and when our brains and bodies are fighting to contend with chronic pain, in addition to all of the other everyday stuff that is trying on our lives, it means that we don’t sleep as well we you should or could. Cannabis can help relax you to the point where you can stop worrying, stop fidgeting and start sleeping. Even if you get a few hours of restful sleep, it’s probably more than you are getting without using something to relax your mind and body before you go to bed. Our bodies heal while we sleep. If you aren’t sleeping, your body doesn’t have a chance to recoup and rejuvenate to fight another day. 

Cannabis Can Calm Nausea 

If your chronic pain condition has you relying on hefty medications that come with a laundry list of side effects, your doctor may prescribe medicinal cannabis as a way to calm the nausea you feel after treatments. This is common in cancer patients who feel sick to their stomachs from chemotherapy. In addition, many cancer patients who use cannabis also say that it helps with muscle aches and pains related to their cancer and treatment. CBD products have a property that helps you calm your stomach and reduce the feelings of discomfort that are causing you to feel sick. It might not work for everyone, but those who use cannabis to quell that ill feeling say it works very well. It’s worth trying if you are tired of sipping ginger tea and taking pills to deal with nausea and vomiting. 

Cannabis Can Help You Focus

Because our brains are running a mile-a-minute all day long, every day of the year, it can be hard to focus on ourselves and do the things that will make us feel better. When our minds are racing, everything seems urgent and we feel like everything is a priority. Nowhere is this more true than for people with limited mobility and who are trying to gauge the hour in which they’ll have the most energy to do things that need to get done. Cannabis can help you clear your mind and focus on tasks – that don’t involve driving a car, of course. Around the house, or even to write a to-do list so you can get things done, cannabis can help you zero in on what is important right now, instead of worrying about tomorrow. 

Chronic pain is no laughing matter and while most of us can’t tell when someone is in pain, it is important to support them in their decisions to use or try cannabis to manage their symptoms. It’s not a cure, but when it works and relief is felt in even the smallest way, chronic pain sufferers will tell you it’s like a miracle. They are so grateful to have some relief, however small, that they feel like they’ve won the lottery. So whether or not you are a fan of cannabis or cannabis-related products, it’s worth passing along this information to someone who may find the relief they are looking for. You never know: it just might be the thing that works to make someone’s life better. 

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