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Whose name did Johnny Depp have tattooed on his arm in 1990?

Answer is: His girlfriend Winona Ryder

Johnny Depp have tattooed on his arm in 1990 for his girlfriend Winona Ryder; the tattoo was “Wino Forever”. As Jhony Deep and Winona Ryder were the most discussed and hottest couple of the ’90s. Johnny Depp met Winona Ryder for the first time at the New York premiere – Great Balls of Fire!.

Some brief about What Johnny Depp have tattooed on his arm in 1990

The tattoo was ‘Wino Forever’ on his right bicep depicting the sign of love by Johnny Depp to Winona Ryder. After 4 years of lovely relationship the couple broke up in 1993. They weren’t married during their relationship.

Whose name did Johnny Depp have tattooed on his arm in 1990

PS: earlier before his relation with Winona; Johnny Depp was married (1983–1985) to Lori Anne Allison.

The story behind the tattoo is love that Johnny Depp was expressing to Winona Ryder, and not making his relationship hidden from public and news magazines.

johnny depp and winona ryder

Some Relevant FAQs

When did Johnny Depp date Winona Ryder?

They started dating each other in 1989, as Johnny Depp separated from her first wife

Is the Tattoo still on Johnny Depp’s Arm?

No; sounds to be removed. It’s not much visible now.

What age was Winoa Ryder When She Dated Johnny Depp

She was 18 years old

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