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Which was a real “Star Wars” based breakfast cereal sold in the 1980s?

Kellogg’s C-3PO’s:

Kellogg’s in 1984, Introduced the C-3PO’s. Kellogg is one of the biggest merchants of food in the world. There are too many products that the company has been producing for centuries now, and the company has a large scale of cereals in America. Kellogg has been providing several kinds of cereals from time to time. After three-year success of the first Star War movie, Kellogg decided to give the fans their favorite movie breakfast and launched a product named C-3PO inspired by a character from the Star War movie. The products blasted the market as the movie was a blockbuster.

Kellogg’s C-3PO’s: – Star Wars

Kellogg’s in 1984, Introduced the C-3PO’s

The product was discontinued in 1986. This cereal even made up the top 100 cereals ever made. Not only food industry was giving this treat but other fashion, gaming, and entertainment industries also took part to provide their merchandise inspired by Star Wars. The movie fans were wild to approach anything related to the movie, so the companies took full advantage of this interest in people and launched multiple products.

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