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Which of the following best describes the Operational Period Briefing?

Which of the following best describes the Operational Period Briefing?

(a) Provides an orientation to individual resources at the beginning of their assignments.

(b) Sets forth the specific tasks, reporting relationships, and expectations for support staff.

(c) Presents the Incident Action Plan (IAP) for the upcoming period to supervisory personnel.

(d) Helps keep the public and media informed about the incident status and operational accomplishments.

The right option for this question is (c) “Presents the Incident Action Plan for the upcoming period to supervisory personnel.”

The operations period briefing, also known as the shift briefing, is held at the start of each operation period to present the incident action plan to the tactical resource supervisor.

The Operations Period Briefing:

What exactly is a briefing for the operational period? 

It is a time frame in which specific tactical actions must be carried out. This information may have been mentioned in the Incident Action Plan, but what exactly is it? What information should the operational period briefing include? Here are a few examples: Which of the following statements most accurately describes the operational period briefing? Let’s look at some examples to answer each question.

A briefing is held at the start of each incident shift. This briefing is intended to give tactical resource supervisors a thorough overview of the day’s events.

Generalizing the incident action plan to improve crew coordination is also critical. A designated incident management team could also carry it out. An operational period briefing aims to inform tactical resource supervisors about the incident and its expected outcome.

The following characteristics are included in the Operational Period Briefing:

  1. At the beginning of each operational period.
  2. Provides the upcoming period’s Incident Action Plan to supervisory personnel in the Operations Section.
  3. The operating period briefing should be brief.

Along with the operations chief, all other group members are talented because they can provide critical information for the team’s safe and effective operational performance. Aside from the head of operations, other staff members include specific support elements such as medical and communication units.

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