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Which novel does not have the same author as “great expectations”?

The novel “Gulliver’s Movement” is the correct answer to this question. Gulliver’s Movement was not written by Charles Dickens; instead, Jonathan Quick wrote it. 

Explanation for the Question “Which novel does not have the same author as ‘Great Expectations’?”

Charles John Huffam Dickens FRSA was an English social critic and writer. He wrote some of the world’s best known fictional characters and is often recognized as the greatest Victorian author. He is one of the most renowned authors in the Britain His works include Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol, both of which are still widely read today. He wrote on issues that many people before him had avoided writing about, such as the life of the underprivileged. A Tale of Two Cities, Nicholas Nickleby, David Copperfield, Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, and A Christmas Carol. During his lifetime, his works achieved amazing universality, and by the twentieth century, critics and researchers remembered him as an aesthetic virtuoso. Charles Dickens did not wrote Gulliver’s Movements. Jonathan Quick wrote this.

Great Expectations – Charles Dickens

Many people consider Charles Dickens a prolific writer from Britain. From Britain to being the best novelist of the Victorian era. A Tale of Two Cities, Nicholas Nickleby, David Copperfield, Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, and A Christmas Carol. These are just a few of the well-known classic books by Charles Dickens. During his lifetime, his writings attained an unusual level of popularity. By the 20th century, critics and academics had acknowledged his literary brilliance. Charles Dickens did not pen Gulliver’s Travels. Jonathan Swift was the author of it.

Great Expectations is Charles Dickens’ thirteenth and penultimate completed novel. It depicts the schooling of an orphan named Pip (the book is a bildungsroman, a coming-of-age story). It is Dickens’ second novel, following David Copperfield, to be told entirely in the first person.   From 1 December 1860 to August 1861, the novel was referenced in Dickens’ weekly periodical All the Year Round.  Chapman and Hall published the novel in three volumes in October 1861. 

Great Expectations has been translated into several languages and adapted into a variety of media, making it popular with both readers and literary experts.

Top 15 Charles Dickens Book list / Novels and Short Stories.

  1. The Pickwick Papers – 1836
  2. Oliver Twist – 1837
  3. Nicholas Nickleby – 1838
  4. The Old Curiosity Shop – 1840
  5. Barnaby Rudge – 1841
  6. Martin Chuzzlewit – 1843
  7. Dombey and Son – 1846
  8. David Copperfield – 1849
  9. Bleak House – 1852
  10. 10. Hard Times – 1854
  11. Little Dorrit – 1855
  12. A Tale of Two Cities – 1859
  13. Great Expectations – 1860
  14. Our Mutual Friend – 1864
  15. The Mystery of Edwin Drood – 1870

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