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Which Curl and Length of Eyelash Extensions is the Best?

As a lash tech, you should have access to a wide range of eyelash extensions. This ensures that you’re always ready to work with clients who need a variety of lash extensions. You will be able to choose which extension to use during your client session based on the curl, length, and thickness of your hair.

Keep in mind that clients’ tastes will vary and that they may request a specific type of look or set. But don’t be alarmed! The following are the most popular eyelash extensions among your clients.

The various lash curls used in eyelash extensions

Because of the growing popularity of eyelash extensions, there is a demand for a variety of modifications to fit different eye shapes. There are a variety of eyelash extensions available, each with a unique curl. It’s critical to understand that while manufacturers may label their curls differently and have minor differences in overall curvature, these differences are easily discernible across the majority of manufacturers.

When purchasing eyelash extension supplies as a lash tech, you should be familiar with the following curls:

Eyelash Extension C-Curl – Lash Extensions 0.05 | 0.07 | 0.10 | 0.15 | 0.20  | 0.25 | Eye Design Store

B Curl

B curl lash extensions are simple to apply and add a hint of curl to your lashes. Neither overdone nor underdone. The finished look is natural, with a slight curl. They are best suited for clients who have naturally straight or slightly upward-facing lashes.

They are also used by lash artists for inner corner lashes. They are not recommended for people with slanted eyes or natural lashes.

C Curl

C curl lash extensions, also known as common curl lash extensions, have a curl that is similar to or identical to natural lashes. They are ideal for people who naturally have a slight curl in their lashes.

If your client has straight natural lashes, a C curl will create the illusion of a doll or open eye. Meanwhile, if your client’s lashes are slightly downward-facing, a C curl will give the lashes a slight lift.

A C curl, on the other hand, will not suffice if your client’s lashes are excessively angled downward; a more pronounced curl will be required. I recommend curling your hair in a CC or D shape.

CC Curl 

The CC curl is a curl variation. It’s a fantastic cross between a C and a D curl. Similar to a C curl, but with a more dramatic flare.

This curl is great for lifting the outer edges of your set, especially on customers with sagging or downward eyes.

D Curl 

D curls add drama by incorporating a noticeable curl. If your client’s natural lashes are straight or downward angled, use a D curl.

When D curl lashes are applied to customers who have naturally slanted lashes, the effect is similar to that of an open eye. It creates the illusion of a lovely doll eye when applied to customers with naturally angled lashes.

Customers with naturally arched lashes and hooded eyelids should avoid using D curl lash extensions, as this may poke their eyes (depending on the length you use).

J Curl 

J curl lashes have the most natural curl of any lash on our list and are an absolute must-have for your lash supplies. This is ideal for people with naturally straight or upward-pointing lashes. If your customer prefers a more natural look on a daily basis, the J curl is a good option.

Customers with severely hooded natural lashes should not use J curl lash extensions.

L+ Curl Lashes

On our list, L curls have the most curl. It starts flat and quickly curves upward. It is recommended for people who have hooded eyes, deep set eyes, or droopy eyelids.

If your customer desires drama, you should consider L+ curl lashes. Furthermore, it has a particularly strong effect on the eyelids.

Avoid applying L+ curls to customers who have naturally angled downward lashes.

Choosing the length and style of your eyelash extensions

When determining the length and diameter (thickness) of your client’s eyelash extensions, you must first assess the condition of their natural lashes. A heavy set on brittle or unhealthy natural lashes will result in breakage. This harms your client’s natural lashes.

As a lash tech , the following suggestions will help you guide your customer:


Customers frequently express a desire to have their lashes lengthened. The ideal and most practical length to deal with, on the other hand, will be determined by the client’s natural eyelash condition.

Remember that it is your responsibility to educate and enlighten your clients on why a particular length is better suited to their natural lash condition. It is critical to choose a length that does not interfere with your client’s natural lash growth cycle in order to protect their natural lashes and avoid premature fallout or damage.

Customers with hooded or droopy eyelids may benefit from lash extensions that are slightly longer than their natural lashes. Because when they open their eyes, their eyelashes tend to vanish beneath their eyelids.

Keep in mind that the longer the lash extensions appear, the more pronounced the curl. Make sure you buy the correct length of eyelash extensions for the curl type you want to use.

Diameter or thickness

The diameter that you use is frequently dictated by the set that your client desires. For classic sets, extensions of 0.15 (or, in exceptional cases, 0.10) are required; extensions of 0.07, 0.05, or 0.03 are acceptable for volume sets.

Several factors must be considered when determining the diameter for volume: the client’s desired volume, the client’s natural lash health, and the number of extensions per fan. Customers with healthy lashes may be able to support more weight and larger fans, but richer volume sets require the use of thinner extensions, such as 0.03’s.

When performing Classic Sets, compare the thickness of your client’s natural lashes to that of your lash extensions. This is the most accurate method for determining the thickness or diameter of the eyelash extensions you will be applying to your client.

Lifestyle and preference

People are becoming more aware of the value of physical activity. Many people wonder if they can get eyelash extensions if they are constantly running, swimming, or working out. The short answer is that they absolutely can!

It is your responsibility as a lash tech to educate your clients about lash extensions and the fact that they are not as sensitive as people believe. Determine the types of workouts your clients do, as well as the frequency with which they do them. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to educate them on how to properly care for their lashes after an application using the appropriate lash cosmetics to avoid injury and premature lash loss.

For example, if a customer enjoys running, jogging, hiking, or any other activity that causes them to sweat, it is critical to advise them not to get their eyelash extensions wet 24 to 48 hours after the application. Following that, children may begin to exercise as long as they remember to clean their eyelashes on a daily basis. Show the significance of daily aftercare.

Avoid getting your eyelashes wet for 24 to 48 hours after treatment if you are a swimmer. This is extremely important. Furthermore, no matter what happens, advise your clients to avoid touching their eyes. Wearing goggles can help them protect their vision.

When purchasing eyelash extensions, it is critical to consider your client’s lifestyle and hobbies. When advising or beginning applications, always keep their natural lashes in mind.

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