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Which Car is mentioned by name in the theme song of Tv’s “All in the Family”?

The clear and exact answer to the question: which car is referenced by name in the theme song of “all in the family” on television? It is “LaSalle“. But there’s more to it than that. So let’s talk about it.

“LaSalle” is mentioned in song lines that are:

  • “Everybody pulled his weight.
  • Gee, our old LaSalle ran great.

Regarding cars, “LaSalle” was one of the most well-known and luxurious American brands. LaSalle was manufactured by General Motors and was popular between 1927 and 1940.

Story Behind The “Which car is mentioned by name in the theme song of Tv’s “All in the Family”?

The cars in movies have an impact on us. Something is amazing about cars used in films and television because many of them become legendary in American culture for the rest of their lives. You’ve probably heard of General Lee, Herbie, or that awesome Ferrari Testarossa from Miami Vice. But, as familiar as these examples are, one car stands out above the rest: the LaSalle.

Many people today associate the LaSalle brand with “Those Were the Days” the theme song from the iconic 1970s TV sitcom All in the Family. Archie and Edith Bunker (Carroll O’Connor and Jean Stapleton) sat at their piano every Sunday night and sang, “Gee, our old LaSalle ran great—those were the days.”

Archie and Edith Bunker (Carroll O’Connor and Jean Stapleton) sang the song’s lyrics every Sunday night of “All in the Family,” charming audiences worldwide. The theme song was titled “Those Were the Days,” As a result, LaSalle became closely connected with the family show.

That theme song formerly earned a special place in the hearts of the fans. However, the producers altered the theme song for the final three seasons, and the song became famous, with millions of people searching for it on various websites and YouTube. However, when it comes to LaSalle, it can be said that the automobile had its first public appearance in 1927.

More About LaSalle 

During its 13-year career, LaSalle produced almost 20,000 cars. After unveiling the first 303 coupe convertible on March 5, 1927, GM and Cadillac produced over 26,000 LaSalles, which became the automakers’ most essential products. They were, however, unable to keep up with demand.

The LaSalle was powered by a 303 CID junior version of the legendary Cadillac V8, rated at 75 horsepower, with premium amenities and trimmings throughout. The LaSalle’s intriguing look, which was often compared to Hispano-Suizas of the time, was supplied by Harley Earl, a young California automobile designer identified and brought to Detroit by GM executive Lawrence Fisher. Earl would go on to become GM’s first vice president of design.

LaSalle initially offered five different body shapes and 11 individual models, which are:

  1. Roadster
  2. Coupe
  3. Convertible coupe for two passengers
  4. Four places phaeton, victoria
  5. Dual-cowl phaeton
  6. Five-passenger sedan
  7. Town sedan
  8. Two places coupe
  9. Sedan
  10. Town cabriolet
  11. Transformable town cabriolet

Last Words about the LaSelle and “All in the Family Show”

Apart from the theme song, LaSalle generated a lot of hype for several years and many people wanted it to return. GM also had intentions to revive the brand at one point. The Buick Rivera was originally meant to be the next La Salle, with some similar design modifications.

Secondly, LaSalle made some design changes, but there were no second thoughts about it. It is the fact that the show “All in the Family” had brought the name back into people’s thoughts, and today it is a famous vehicle, as well as the same was proven to be the country’s theme song.

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