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Where Do You Put Your Baby When Going To the Bathroom?

Having a baby is wonderfully rewarding, but it is also a full-time job. Having a little one that depends on you for everything and needs constant attention can be tricky. Even after you have a baby you still need to make dinner, clean, and maybe look after your other kids. However, when nature calls, where should you put your baby down? You don’t want to leave them in a spot where they could get into trouble. So, it’s important to pick a spot carefully. Here are some ideas of where you can put your baby safely.

Think About Their Age and Abilities

The first year of a baby’s life is full of milestones and development. So, it’s important to point out first that as a baby gets older month by month, their abilities will vary. It’s much easier to put a baby into a pack and play if you know they don’t have the skills to climb out yet, for example. So, consider your baby’s age and abilities before using any of the following solutions.

In a Bouncer

baby bouncer

A great place to put your baby for a bit is in a bouncer. There are different types of bouncers that can be used. One of our favorites is the new Ergobaby bouncer. This bouncer is special because it can be converted to be useful for a newborn, baby, and toddler. A bouncer can be a great short term place to put a baby or newborn while you use the restroom. You can strap them in, (as long as they can’t get out on their own) and keep the bouncer on the floor (not on a table or counter.) While you use the restroom, this should keep the baby in one place. Just be mindful of what’s within arm’s reach and be careful of your pets as well.

In a Pack-and-Play

baby Pack-and-Play

As mentioned above, so long as the baby hasn’t learned to climb out of a pack-and-play, this can be a great safe spot to put your baby or even toddler while you use the bathroom. The high sides and firm base make it a sturdy and well-contained spot for babies. You can even add a two or two for them to play with so long as they aren’t going to sleep. All loose items should be removed before the baby falls asleep in order to keep them safe and sleeping soundly. 

In Their Crib

baby Crib

Like the pack-and-play, a crib is an excellent solution for a spot to keep the baby safe and contained. Make sure the crib mattress is low enough that your baby can’t climb or fall out, and you should be all set. This way, they won’t be able to easily roll away, and it will keep items on the floor out of reach of curious little hands.

Have your Partner Hold Them

Have your Partner Hold Them

If your partner is home, you can always have them hold the baby, as well. This might be the best solution as the baby will have another adult able to spend time with them and bond while you’re away in the bathroom. It also might give you five minutes of time to relax, if you need a little break.

Let’s face it, we all need a bathroom break from time-to-time! So,make your trip to the restroom less stressful, and put the baby in one of these safe locations, so you can have a minute to yourself.

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