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What to Look for When Purchasing Pet Insurance

Your furry friend is an important part of your family. So it makes sense that you would want to ensure they have pet insurance too.  

But just like finding insurance for your loved ones, you will want to do your homework and ask all the right questions when it comes to finding the best cat insurance too.

If you are able to get the right type of plan, you will not only be able to off any veterinarian costs with ease but also have extra peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens you will have a reliable insurance company to support you during times of need.

With so many different options that are designed to cater to a range of furry friends, it is important to ask the right questions and look for certain details to ensure that you are signing up for the right one. Doing just a bit of due diligence will help you confidently purchase pet insurance and be able to be the best pet parent out there.

Here are all the different questions to ask when it comes to finding the best pet insurance for you.

1. Do You Want a Discount or Full Support?

This is an important question you should answer upfront. If you are looking for a deal on pet insurance, you need to understand the types of coverage that you are then also giving up. Because having a deal means that you likely will be forgoing comprehensive coverage.

For many people, the discount option is all they need. They are happy to save $20 or so dollars when visiting the veterinarian, especially if it does not happen that frequently. But signing up for a comprehensive plan allows you to get unlimited support through a deductible or co-payment option in return for paying a monthly premium. If you think your pet will need monthly medical care, then comprehensive full support is likely the best plan for you.

2. Can You Pick Your Own Vet?   

Just like you would want to be able to do with your own health insurance, you will want to have a plan for your pet that lets you choose the right vet for them. You and your pet will both want to be able to trust your vet and feel comfortable when visiting him. With the best pet insurance options, your insurance plan will likely give you access to a nationwide network of vets in numerous states.

This means you really can select the vet of your choice and get the same type of coverage support. So when it comes to signing up for a plan, double-check the coverage includes an extensive network of vets you can get access to.

3. What Are the Waiting Periods?

This detail is very important because it sets the stage for how long you will actually need to wait before you can start getting actual coverage support from your insurance plan. The waiting periods actually vary quite a bit depending on providers. Some only make their customers wait a few days. Others can have to wait a few months.

Depending on the type of medical care your pet will need, it is important to understand this detail. The best practice is to always sign your pet up for insurance as soon as you welcome them into your family!

4. Is Wellness Care Included?

Studies are showing that the more proactive pet owners can be around their pet’s health, the longer they will live and the fewer health complications they will likely have. This means having the support to get them their immunizations, visit the dentist for oral care, and do any therapies to help them stay strong and healthy. Many insurance providers do offer this, but will likely be an optional add-on service you need to select.

5. What are The Deductibles?

This is one of the most important financial aspects to understand when finding pet insurance. The deductible is what you will have to pay upfront before the coverage from your insurance plan actually kicks in. It will vary between providers and will also impact how much your monthly premium payments are.

The majority of plans will actually reimburse you for a medical bill rather than coming in to pay jointly after you make a deductible payment. This means that you would need to go through their process of submitting your claim and then wait to get your money back.

It is this factor that you will want to consider the most when deciding how much you want to pay for pet insurance along with the amount of money you need to have set aside to cover any deductibles.


There are numerous things to consider when it comes to deciding the best pet insurance for your furry friend. From understanding deductibles to waiting periods and wellness plans, you will be able to confidently select the best option for you.

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