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What to Know Before Buying a Kegerator

That sounds so amazing.  Yes, You can achieve the crisp, cold taste of beer on tap at home. Purchase yourself a kegerator

What is a Kegerator

That’s a simple answer. A kegerator is a refrigerator designed to house beer kegs and dispense them at crisp cold temperatures. They are great for those who entertain at home and like to have beer on tap. It gives you and your guests that bar experience without going to the bar. 

Kegerators can serve a dual purpose. When you are not using it to chill and dispense kegs, you can convert it to a refrigerator and keep bottled or canned drinks in it. The only downside to a kegerator is that it would be just like a keg in a commercial establishment. You still have an expiration date on the barrel. 

How does the Kegerator Work

Let’s see how it works. A kegerator applies carbon dioxide pressure to the keg, pushing the beer upward and out of the barrel. Naturally, kegs have carbon dioxide inside them, but the kegerator even applies pressure. It does this all while keeping the keg cold. 

Is a Kegerator Worth Having

They are safer than going out to the bar; overall, it is cheaper than going out to the bar to drink. With these great benefits, some downfalls will come, like space or the initial cost. 

It is Safer Than Going to the Bar

This is probably the most significant benefit of a kegerator. You don’t have to worry about someone slipping something into your drinks, and you don’t have to worry about how you will get home after drinking. You do not need to worry about drinking and driving if you have a kegerator at home. That means no DUI and no accidents because you are impaired. 

Money Saver

Yes, the initial cost may be slightly high. However, over time, you will save money. You won’t be spending money on uber or lyft rides to get you home safely. You can ultimately purchase a ¼ keg or ½ keg in the event you don’t need a full keg. There will be no upcharge on your drinking because no profit margin is required. 

Initial Cost

There is an initial cost to purchase the kegerator. However, it’s a one-and-done type of cost. With its multiple uses, you can dual-purpose the kegerator. This means less equipment is needed for entertaining. 


Of course, you will need space for the kegerator you decide to purchase. You will want to ensure that it will fit in your area and still serve the purpose for which it was purchased. However, space restrictions might be an issue if you live in a small space like an apartment.

Wrapping it Up

Kegerators are a great way to have that ice-cold beer on tap for personal enjoyment or entertaining purposes. I highly recommend purchasing one if you are a beer connoisseur. There is a style and size of the kegerator to fit all spaces and serve all purposes. You will be pleasantly pleased with your purchase and the fun and comfort it can bring.

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