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What to Expect During a Brazilian Buttock Lift

A Brazilian butt lift is a surgical contouring procedure designed to enhance the shape and size of buttocks, perfect for people wanting to improve the appearance of their sagging buttocks due to ageing or genetics.

Under general anesthesia, outpatient thyroidectomy procedures are performed as an outpatient procedure. Patients must be in good overall health to minimize complications during and after the process.


An incisional butt lift typically involves lengthy incisions to access excess tissues for removal and liposuction; however, advanced techniques have proven successful at minimizing scarring from these procedures. Usually these incisions are located underneath butt cheeks or in some instances within the buttock crease for easier surgical manipulation of tightening the underlying tissues and redistribution of fat to provide firmer looking buttocks.

Sagging buttocks may arise due to age, genetics, weight fluctuations or sun damage that causes skin elasticity loss. Surgery can enhance buttock shape while smoothing out any cellulite dimples for a more toned and even appearance.

Once your buttock lift surgery is over, one or more drains may be placed under your skin to reduce fluid accumulation and decrease swelling. A support garment and instructions on how to empty and manage drainage tubes at home will also be given. Although you should experience moderate pain postoperatively, pain medications should help alleviate it as needed.


Liposuction is used by surgeons to remove unwanted fat. They may employ it both directly and indirectly for buttock lifts; when performing indirect lifts they first use surgical excision to remove excess skin before injecting fat injections.

Fat is extracted from different areas of the body such as flanks, abdomen or thighs and then purified for optimal viability before being injected into buttocks to improve shape and projection. On average 50-75% of injected fat survives.

Sub-buttock reduction surgery offers an efficient means to reach the size desired with little downtime – patients can usually return to normal activities within a week or two provided they do not sit or lie on their buttocks excessively during that period.

For optimal recovery, patients must cease smoking and take antibiotics to avoid infection. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to follow any instructions issued by their surgeon regarding wound care or drain care.

Fat Transfer

Buttock augmentation, also referred to as buttock enhancement, involves moving fat from one area of your body into the buttock area in order to provide it with fullness and roundness. Additionally, this procedure may help fill any divots and even out dimpled skin by shifting existing deposits therein.

Your surgeon uses a small tube (cannula) to extract fat from various areas of your body through small incisions, before injecting the liquified material directly into the buttocks through this same cannula to add volume, enhance shape, and promote better symmetry.

As long as your weight remains stable, the injected fat will remain permanently retained; however, over time its results may fluctuate due to natural ageing and some of the fat being reabsorbed back into your system. To minimize these effects, sit or sleep directly on buttocks without using a donut pillow; your surgeon may also place drains to reduce swelling and fluid buildup that typically will stop draining within one week of placement.


Before your surgery, you must obtain medical clearance through physical examination and CBC (anemia detection). Furthermore, post operative prescription should be filled and someone should take care of children or pets for one week while you recover.

At your appointment, a general anesthetic will be administered, and then your plastic surgeon will make a small cut near the lower back and insert a thin metal tube (cannula) between skin and muscle to suck out extra fat from between skin and muscle layer – before purifying any remaining material to be injected back into buttocks as pure fat injection.

Results from your butt lift should be visible immediately following surgery, although there may be some initial bruising and swelling which should dissipate over time. It is also essential that direct pressure be avoided on the buttocks – such as sitting or lying down for long periods – in order to give transferred fat cells the best chance at survival.

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