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What Kind of Earrings Can You Wear After Piercing

The excitement of having a new piercing and showing off your jewelry style can be fascinating.  

However, choosing the right earrings can be challenging, especially for first-timers, considering the misinformation out in public. 

The fear of ending up with an infected ear also adds to the pressure of making the right choice.  

So, how do you decide on the earring that is right for you after piercing? Here are some simple tips.  

Choosing the Best Earrings for Ear Piercing  

When choosing the best earrings for ear-piercing, here are several things to keep in mind

Choose Small Light Rings or Studs 

Your earrings of choice after a new piercing should not exert pressure on the fresh wound. It is advisable to get small starter rings or studs. These starter earrings are gentle on the slightly sensitive area as they do not move too much. 

For instance, ball closure rings squeeze together and have tiny indents on either side of the ring for perfect fitting. The ring pressure keeps the ball in place, making them comfortable. 

In addition, studs are small, comfortable even when sleeping, and less likely to get ripped off. However, studs require extra care as they can cause infection if the back is not well maintained and cleaned.    

Choose Hypoallergenic and Nickel-Free Earrings

The material of the earrings you use largely influences the piercing healing process, as some cause an allergic reaction. Experts recommend nickel-free hypoallergenic piercing earrings.

Nickel is the biggest culprit associated with skin allergies and sensitivity. Unfortunately, it is very common in the market due to its strengthening property and affordability. 

Consider Safety and Sterility.

Before wearing the starter earrings, ensure they are fully enclosed in a sterile earring capsule to protect them from contamination. Contaminating earrings allow bacteria to enter the fresh wound and cause severe ear infections.  Additionally, you can clean your earrings with an alcohol-based solution. 

Piercing Safe Metals and Material

Metal earrings are ideal for a new piercing, the best material for your new earrings should be of surgical-grade quality. Here are the top four metal earrings to pick from:

  1. Surgical Stainless Steel

Surgical stainless steel (SSS) is an affordable hypoallergenic material with no trace of nickel that is safe for piercing. However, with so many grades and varieties of stainless steel in the market, you must consider either 316 L or 316LVM. 

The 316L(L means low carbon) grade is the widely used surgical stainless steel for body implants since it does not cause a reaction with the body fluids. 316LVM(VM means the metal is produced in a vacuum), on the other hand, has the same characteristics as 316L but has a smoother finish.  

  1. Titanium

 Experts recommend titanium as a top choice for a new piercing. Although the metal is costly, it guarantees a cleaner healing process and is of high quality. 

The metal’s biocompatibility nature also makes piercing a breeze as the body does not recognize it as foreign hence no reaction. The metal is also highly polished and contains no amount of nickel or any other alloys as it undergoes a thorough treatment process. 

  1. Niobium

Niobium, a hypoallergenic metal, falls between surgical stainless steel and titanium in terms of price. The metal is also biocompatible and has a flawless finish to make your starter piercing memorable. Niobium also makes it easy to customize your look, as it comes in various colors. Experts recommend niobium labeled 99.9% and 999 niobium for quality and excellent look.

  1. Platinum

If you are looking for a sophisticated look, go for platinum earrings. Platinum is one of the top precious metals and makes classy body jewelry, although rare to find. 

The metal is ideal for daily wear as it does not corrode or rust easily. Platinum also requires little maintenance and does not age easily, making them a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

Piercing Metals to Avoid

Poor material leads to ear infections, and here are some metals you should keep off:

  1. Sterling silver

Sterling silver is a delicate metal that requires specific rules to maintain its structural integrity. Although it has a copper addition to enhance its durability, it tarnishes and gets damaged quickly. 

The metal also corrodes easily with substances with high sulfur levels, such as household detergents or chlorinated water, once exposed to air over time. Once it comes into contact with body fluids, the metal undergoes the oxidation process and causes severe irritation or infection.  

  1. Low and High-Karat Pure Gold

The lower karat pure gold contains more alloys, such as copper and nickel, mixed up with the gold. Such earrings are disastrous as they can cause allergies to raw wound.

High-karat pure gold is too soft and vulnerable and can easily bend or scratch, making them unsafe for daily use. The metal also has nicks traces, a metal that holds dirt and hence can easily cause irritation. 

  1. Costume Jewelry

Although costume jewelry can save you a few dollars, they are not the right choice. The costume jewelry contains high levels of nickel which causes an allergic reaction, and lead, a toxic metal and harmful, especially to children. 

Decide What Kind of Earrings You Will Wear After Piercing

Selecting the right earrings is crucial in determining how fast your piercing is, alongside other factors. Always select your earrings after a deep analysis of the ring’s material, size, and safety. Always ensure that the earring material is pure and free of nickel to avoid complications, and you will not regret it.

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