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What Fashion Trend Did Miami Vice Help Make Popular?

Miami Vice Help Made Following Trends Popular

  1. Unique Style Blazers
  2. V-neck T-shirts
  3. Shoulder Paddles
  4. The Use of Pastel Colors
  5. Hoop Earrings
  6. Wayfarer Shades Sunglasses
  7. Short Hair Became a New Trend
  8. Wearing Shoes Without Socks 
  9. The Rolex Brand
  10. Showing More Skin

Anthony Yerkovich and Michael Mann are the creators and producers of the American crime drama television program Miami Vice, which airs on NBC. Don Johnson portrays James “Sonny” Crockett, and Philip Michael Thomas portrays Ricardo “Rico” Tubbs, two Metro-Dade Police Department detectives working undercover in Miami. From 1984 to 1989, the show aired on NBC for five seasons. Reruns of the show were the first broadcast on the USA Network in 1988, and on January 25, 1990, a previously unaired episode was shown while the show was in syndication.

Unlike traditional police procedurals, the performance was heavily influenced by 1980s New Wave culture and is notable for its incorporation of contemporary pop and rock music and stylish or stylized visuals. According to People magazine, Miami Vice was the “first show to look new and unique since color television was created.


Keeping with the show’s title, most episodes focus on countering drug trafficking and prostitution. Episodes frequently end in a gun battle that takes the lives of several criminals before they can be apprehended. The entire series is infused with cynicism and futility.

Miami Vice was one of the first network television shows in the United States to broadcast in stereophonic sound. For the duration of its run, it is mixed in stereo sound.

Fashion Trends

Miami Vice is one of the most popular television shows of all time. It popularized many fashion trends in the 1980s. Don Johnson played Don Corleone, and the character enormously influenced fashion culture

Before it became popular, it was quite fashionable to wear at the time. Miami Vice, also known as Miami Dade County’s Miami Beach, was particularly well-known for hosting some of the most absurd fashion shows you’ve ever seen. But it was in the late 1970s that Miami Dade County became what fashion trend did Miami Vice help popularize. Camille Grammer, America’s Next Top Model, hosted the show, which was titled the Bayside Connection. By any standard, the show was anything but tame with Camille as the star.

Another aspect of what fashion trends like Miami Vice helped popularize was people’s clothing. Miami Vice popularized the idea of low-cut shirts as sexy by making them fashionable. Instead of running around in low-cut shirts, people were dressed in stylish cuts that showed off their midriff or stomach. Low-cut shirts became extremely popular, although they were not particularly fashionable then.

Popular Fashion Trends from Miami Vice

These are among the most popular fashion trends from Miami Voice

  1. Unique Style Blazers
  2. V-neck T-shirts
  3. Shoulder Paddles
  4. The Use of Pastel Colors
  5. Hoop Earrings
  6. Wayfarer Shades Sunglasses
  7. Short Hair Became a New Trend
  8. Wearing Shoes Without Socks 
  9. The Rolex Brand
  10. Showing More Skin

Unique Style Blazers

Another iconic fashion trend inspired by the show’s wardrobe was the double-breasted blazer look popularised by actor Phillip Michael Thomas’s character Ricardo Tubbs.

The characters on the show typically wore this type of slim-fitting blazer with matching trousers. In the 1980s, you wore it by rolling the sleeves up to your elbows.

These blazers are still fashionable today, and you can wear them whether you’re a man or a woman.

V-neck T-shirts

You probably own a few pairs of V-neck t-shirts; they’re so common these days that you don’t remember when they first became popular. This is yet another fashion trend inspired by Miami Vice.

The main characters’ signature look included a blazer, trousers, and a V-neck t-shirt. Tucked into the front of the trousers, the shirt was worn. This relaxed t-shirt outfit, worn with or without a blazer, perfectly captured the Miami vibe.

Shoulder Paddles

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the 80s dress and out -modified fashion trends is shoulder pads. This is a critical component of making the 1980s so memorable.

All this was about giving a huge impression with their clothing. Jackets, Blazers, and even T-shirts had an excellent shoulder pad fashion trend. Each item on the show had a shoulder pad. The shoulder pads were famous in the 1980s and were published in several TV shows and films.

Pastel Colors from Miami Voice

One of the most noticeable fashion trends you will observe if you watch the series is the colors used by the stars in their wardrobes. This fashion trend was popular in the 1980s and is still popular today. This show disliked dark colors.

This show’s influence can be seen in today’s fashion, television, and movies. The use of pastels captured both the vibrant and bold city of Miami as well as the essence of the show. On our blog, you can see how this aesthetic has influenced women’s fashion.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are trendy in the fashion world. They’ve always been popular and will continue to be so. Hoops range in size from small to large and are available in various colors, metals, and shapes.

The characters, played by Saundra Santiago and Olivia Brown, popularized many fashion trends at the time, including the wearing of hoop earrings with any outfit.

Wayfarer Shades Sunglasses

Wayfarer Shades from Miami Vice is among the most popular fashion trends. This list is incomplete without mentioning Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, the most famous sunglasses brand. These glasses are used on every outfit on the show. These glasses styles became trendy because they were featured in most episodes.

These sunglasses were the most fashionable in the Miami sun and became so popular that they are still among the most sought-after glasses today.

Short Hair Became a New Trend

Women have been taught by popular culture that long, luscious hair is the way to go. The women on Miami Vice wore their hair in more daring styles. Short hair and curls were popular hairstyles for the show’s female characters.

This trend spread into the real world, making short hair a unique style of women’s 80s fashion.

Wearing Shoes Without Socks

The main characters in the show wore high-end suits and dress shoes, but they never wore socks. While it may have seemed odd at the time, wearing formal wear without socks is now the look on red carpets and runways.

Sony Crockett, the series’ main character, was never seen wearing socks, even when wearing formal shoes or blazers. If you visit Miami, you will notice that wearing no socks is a popular trend.

The Rolex Brand

A brand can be more valuable than a piece of clothing or accessory. The right brand creates an image that attracts people, and Rolex did that.

This luxury brand watch was created in the early 1900s but became synonymous with the young and attractive in the 1980s when Don Johnson’s character on the show wore it.

The power of the brand keeps attracting people to this watch company, and wearing it on your wrist is a sign of success. Miami Vice’s ability to uplift this brand’s popularity and power made them pop culture icons.

Showing More Skin

It’s no surprise that the show featured a lot more skin because Miami attracts young and attractive people. Backless and strapless dresses are the norm in Miami’s heat and humidity, portrayed on the show.

Being From the Miami Vice Filming.

Being from Miami, Miami Vice continues to influence Miami fashion hugely. During the summer, most people in Miami wore pastel colors and wayfarers with sockless shoes. It’s a Miami trend that will last forever. The film was filmed on Ocean Drive, one of Miami Beach’s main thoroughfares. Hotels surround it. At night, the pastel-colored lights of all the hotels along this street indicate their hospitality. We’re curious if they’re paying homage to Miami Vice. It’s incredible to think that a television show from nearly 40 years ago can impact a city.

Miami Vice was a fantastic show that will be remembered as one of the best things that ever happened in Miami.

The “Chick flicks” were another fashion trend that contributed to the success of Miami Vice.

Do you know those movies where a girl strips naked and then attempts to get into a car with her best friend? This trend had been around for decades, but it gained popularity during the height of the AIDS epidemic. Miami Vice contributed to the chicness of this trend by showing what women looked like when they went out with their friends. It also contributed to the success of the subsequent films by demonstrating what a woman would look like if she wore nothing but a low-cut top and low-rise jeans.


 So, the answer to “What Fashion Trend Did Miami Vice Help Popularize?” is that skirts and low-rise pants are cut higher than their standard counterparts. This creates an incredible v-neck effect on top of an already unbelievable cut. These fashion accessories, as well as the fashion trends that contributed to the success of Miami Vice, are simple to replicate.

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