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What are Russian Beauty Standards

Beauty Standards In Russian Society? When it comes to stereotypes of Russia, “beautiful women” is as popular as “vodka” and “cold.” When I was planning to travel to Russia, those who had experience in Russia told me that American girls are unable to have a chance to meet someone. It was similar to my experience of Moldova and Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan, where my perception of my attractiveness diminished in comparison to the women I was around.

Of course, there are more important aspects of studying abroad other than being attractive. First of all, whatever I am unable to lose in beauty, I gain by being attractive as an international student. In a society in which your host grandmother is the first to openly talk about how beautiful your jeans appear and the first thing your classmate will say about you is you’ve got pretty eyes, beauty isn’t an issue that can be avoided.

Knowing More About Beauty Standards In Russia

Beauty is the product of the imagination of people. In various places and periods women’s standards have been wildly different. In modern Western society, there is an idealized white European tall woman with an hourglass-like figure and long, glossy hair and cheekbones that are high. There is a possibility of the model in Russia.

She uses her elegant hands, with manicured nails carefully trimmed to highlight a particular point in class. She’s waiting at a bus stop wearing a wool coat and high-heeled shoes. She is with her partner on the long five-minute elevator ride towards the Metro. However, I was astonished to discover that she’s not the only young woman living in Russia. I often see young women sporting long pink hair, huge glasses, shoes, large jackets or overalls.

There’s a distinct feature that is common to every Russian woman, regardless of whether they fit into an image or not. their appearance is deliberate. If a woman wears the lime-colored and teal-coloured shoes or a lime and teal-colored scarf that matches. Lipstick is exactly the colour of the earrings. Someone who has decided to wear short, pink hair also has been committing to a glittery coat. And if the girl is wearing fishnet tights, it’s likely she’s wearing a lot of eye makeup.

What is Beautiful in Russia?

When someone thinks of gorgeous women from Russia They usually imagine tall, thin blue-eyed and blonde tennis players such as Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova. Although both are beautiful it is often overlooked they are Russia has a diverse ethnicity and diverse country. According to CIA the ethnic composition in Russia can be described as “Russian 77.7 percent, Tatar 3.7%, Ukrainian 1.4 percent, Bashkir 1.1%, Chuvash 1.1 percent, Chechen 1%, others 10.2 percent, not specified 3.9 percent (2010 is. )”

This expands the definition of what is called beautiful or beautiful in Russia across different regions in the nation. Because Russia is the most geographically extensive country in the world this creates different definitions of beauty. Women from Northwestern Russia likely have Eastern and Northern European features, women who reside in Southern Russia will likely have more dark features, similar to Southern European and Central Asian women, while women from Central or Eastern Russia are likely to sport more Asian appearances.

In a new era of Russian feminists, thousands of women are sharing selfies on social networks showing their cellulite, pimples and hair loss in order to combat stereotypes about beauty which women’s rights activists claim contribute to low self-esteem as well as eating problems.

AllIsFineWithMe hashtag

The #AllIsFineWithMe hashtag – which was started by a Russian teenager who is struggling with anorexia. It is the most recent initiative to challenge the excessive expectations on girls and women to be perfect, which is often caused by the airbrushing of images on social media.

Females in Russia are expected to dress according to males, feminists argue that they are challenging old-fashioned gender stereotypes and a growing conservatism, for instance, the law of 2017 that criminalizes domestic violence that doesn’t need hospital treatment.

Russian women are not natural beauties. They have a habit of looking beautiful, actively choosing and taking care of their appearance. It’s not a surprise that beauty salons are located on every block. My host grandmother of 70 was extremely concerned when she saw that my hair was falling out during the shower. She bought shampoo that prevents hair loss and showed me. The idea of candid photographs is not a reality. Everyone in the city of St. Petersburg has been enjoying the beautiful autumn leaves in the parks of suburban areas and, obviously, it is taking lots of pictures. Although I am ecstatic in a selfie with my hair up They gather the most vibrant leaves into bundles , and pose.

At The End

In various ways, I’ve also fallen into the trap of looking beautiful in order to fit into. The first time, I began using oil-based products in my hair. And now I am aware that the amount of shiny hair that surrounds me isn’t just an inheritance, but I can also have it. I wear makeup on a regular basis at times as thick as you’d typically be able to see at parties in the halls of my American college. I found a wool coat in a secondhand shop, and after my old boots began to break, I purchased new boots with high heels.

I’m not sure I look Russian. My big backpack is practical and clashes with my beautiful wool coat. When I’m working late and don’t have time to do makeup, my face looks unnatural when paired with a sweater and heeled boots. I wear these boots every day because they’re comfortable, however they appear unnatural when paired with jeans and a t-shirt. My appearance often is unbalanced, and a contradiction is not Russian. Russian beauty isn’t about tall blindness , or any other particular ideal, it’s about the existence of ideals that people strive for daily and completely.

I do not consider myself Russian. I am not Russian, and will never ever appear, or be, Russian completely, no matter how well I can understand the language, the customs and match the lipstick with my attire. My identity is an American who, due to being in a foreign country, has picked up certain Russian ways of life and customs. This could make me appear like an untruth but it also gives me the impression of being the perfect version of me. I believe that’s beautiful.

More than 2,500 users have joined the hashtag, and an advertisement that features models with burns, cuts, and other apparent defects has received more than one thousand views as well as hundreds of responses.

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