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Wedding Reception Send-Off Ideas You Might Like to Consider

If you’ve had to put off your nuptials multiple times now due to the global pandemic but are finally making the big day happen in 2022, you’re probably beside yourself with excitement to be heading to the altar. 

You’re sure to have a long list of tasks to consider and tick off your to-do list, including choosing invitations, clothing, venue, decorations, food, wine, entertainment, etc. 

But something couples often forget to put much thought into is their send-off. When you’re leaving your reception at the end of the night, it’s nice to think through how to make this part of the occasion just as memorable as everything else. Here are some ideas to consider. 


Fireworks are popular options to set off at weddings, especially when couples are cutting the cake or when the more formal reception elements have finished, and everyone is prepared to dance and party. However, a fireworks display also works nicely when you’re leaving the reception. 

Don’t think you have to go too big or expensive, though. One simple and affordable option is to have all the guests hold quality sparklers and wave them around as you’re heading off, to provide a sweet light show with great visual effect. 


Another option that attendees at your wedding can use to send you off in a fun way is bubbles. Give everyone a small bottle of bubbles with individual wands to blow through so they can smother the two of you in pretty bubbles as you prepare to get on your way. Kids can easily utilize bubbles, which means they can be included and have a lovely time with the send-off, too. 

You don’t have to outlay a lot of money on bubbles, either. Many discount stores sell them in bulk packs of 20 or 50 or 100, for instance. 

Meaningful Song

You and your loved one are undoubtedly busy choosing the right music for the ceremony and your reception and have likely picked out numerous songs or arrangements that you want the hired entertainers to play or reproduce. However, it’s wise to put just as much time and effort into picking a meaningful song to play as you say your goodbyes to wedding guests. 

Pick a song or piece of music that means something to the two of you. For example, it might be the track that played when you first met or danced together. 

Paper Planes

An idea that doesn’t get used so often but that’s lighthearted and creative is having attendees fly paper airplanes in your direction as you’re exiting the event. Start by getting everyone, at some point during the night, to stop and write a short message on a piece of paper and then fold it up and send it on its way as you’re exiting. 

You can stop to unfold and read some of the messages at this time or, better yet, have someone collect all the planes on your behalf and then read them when you and your partner get home after your honeymoon and have plenty of time to digest all the sentiments. 

Another benefit of introducing paper planes to the tail end of your reception is that kids of all ages love making these planes. Plus, let’s not forget that adults tend to have lots of competitive fun with them to see who makes the furthest-flying plane!

Air Show or Skywriting Message

If you want to go all out with your wedding reception send-off but don’t feel that fireworks are quite the right fit, you might like to organize an airshow or skywriting message to occur during the exit time. These ideas typically work only during the day, when it’s easier for pilots to do their thing and the messages to show up in the sky. However, if you have a daytime wedding, this can work out nicely. 

Want some further ideas? You could set up a beautiful candlelit path for you both to walk along as you exit the building, or you could have bells rung. You might hand out glow sticks for everyone to switch on as you’re leaving together as a couple, throw some colored smoke bombs, or depart in some unusual transport. For instance, you could arrange for a horse and carriage ride, hot air balloon expedition, a boat launch, or for a fabulous car to be your mode of transport as you leave. 

There are no hard and fast rules about arranging your wedding reception send-off, so be open to ideas and try to pick something that will work for both you and your partner’s interests, values, or budget.

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