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Want to Learn Something New? Music is a Great Choice!

If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding activity, music is an excellent choice. Listening to your favorite song or artists lifts your mood and relaxes you. Known as the universal language, music is a valuable outlet to express emotions and relate to others. No matter what country you’re from or what language you speak, music is a way to communicate and connect with people worldwide.

Why is music so important?

Music is a valuable tool to immerse your mind in various melodies, genres, harmonies, rhythms, the color of sounds, different types of sounds and their relation to each other. All these aspects of music offer an incredible audio experience and allow you to be lost in a world of sound.

What are the benefits of learning music?

Improved Mood

Music doesn’t just inspire; it can also reduce stress and promote a more positive mindset. Various research on music suggests that a good mood improves learning outcomes. You’ll likely have more success studying and learning new material when feeling good. If you feel overwhelmed or upset, putting on some music can help you relax and work more effectively.

Improved Listening Skills

Musicians need to focus on lyrics, tempos, dynamics, rhythms, tunes, and harmonies simultaneously. Listening to, or learning, music helps auditory brain development.


Music increases the focus and concentration of your mind as your brain receives an enormous amount of information from the world around you. Evidence suggests that music allows the brain to concentrate more and make better future predictions. Just like exercise makes you active and lively, music also helps to stimulate your brain and grow intellectually.

Memory Power

Some music, such as classical or instrumental, seems to enable one to perform better on memory and processing tasks. Some research proves that certain types of music enhance memorization abilities and other cognitive functions.

What is the best approach to learning music?

Taking lessons with a qualified teacher will help you reach your goals faster than doing it on your own. And it will help you make better progress, find community, play the music that you want, avoid mistakes and injury, and more. Award-winning music school, Sage Music, takes a very different approach to music education where they focus on your goals to help you learn exactly the music that you want in a welcoming community. All of their lessons are expertly taught with trained teachers using a science-backed lesson system, which guarantees a consistent experience, great customer service, and all the best learning strategies. 

What could go wrong?

It is important to note the types of music you are listening to while doing certain activities. 

Loud, fast-paced music can be a distraction when your mind needs to focus on various tasks, like reading or problem-solving, while this same type of music could be perfect during exercise. 

If you already find it challenging to process multiple pieces of information or tasks simultaneously, listening to loud and fast music while learning or at work will be difficult.


The benefits of listening to music are plenty, though choosing a suitable type can help maximize its benefits. If you still struggle to focus, you need to consider noise or other audio options. Music can lift your mood and even help you feel more motivated to handle essential tasks but it doesn’t always work as a study tool. Be conscious of the music you listen to when doing different activities throughout your day and find the right combinations of music and tasks to keep your attitude positive and your day more productive.

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