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Various Remedies for Chap-Free Lips

While your face is a reflection of your body’s health and vigor, lips are often the most part ignored. Yet, the consequences are not especially friendly. And yes, you guessed right; chapped lips! Cracked lips give not only some unattractive look, but also a painful feel. That’s why you are bound to know some of the remedies that should make things right.

Eat a diet rich in vegetables and fruits

Chapped lips could be that your body is just acidic. When you eat fruits and vegetables, your body’s PH gets restored to an alkaline state, a less acidic condition. However, you want to be careful not to overdo it. Excessive nutrients are a threat to your body’s health. You also might want to think of Vitamin supplements as an alternative remedy to greens and fruits.

Refrain from licking your licks

It’s true that lip-licking is inevitable sometimes, but it’s responsible for causing chapped lips. Your saliva contains enzymes, amylase and maltase, that strip away your lips’ sensitive skin, exposing it to air. What follows is an inevitable lip dryness, a condition that is exacerbated when the saliva further evaporates. And that’s when your lips get chapped.

Use fluoride-free toothpastes

This remedy works if you are allergic to fluoride. Plus, the allergy might not only affect your lips, but also cause irritations in your mouth. Just try switching your fluoride toothpaste and see if you spot some difference!

Treat sun damage

Your lips can be damaged by the sun, just like your other skin. Yes, you can have sunburned lips; and they hurt. To help your lips get healed of flakes more quickly, you might consider using chapstick with an SPF of not less than 15. Either, some aloe application should do.

Avoid windy environments

In a strong wind, leaving your lips unprotected would get them peeled off. The environment then is dry, and so would be your lips, a reason they would crack. Which is why if this sort of environment is inevitable to you, you ought to cover your mouth in some warm cloth. A scarf would do just fine.

Don’t sleep with your mouth open

Yes, that works. If you wake up in the morning with some chapped lips, it could be your mouth was open all night. Air circulates in and out of open lips, making them peel off. You just don’t want to be a victim.

Consider water therapy

A true hydrater, water is sure to maintain your lips’ moisture level to pertinent standards. Plus this remedy is sure to be a winner compared to other remedies. Of course, if you drink sufficient amounts of water, your lips’ skin upper dermal layer regenerates itself. And that’s certain to dust away all of your lips’ flaked skin, giving them an entire new look.

Are you on medication?

Of course, drugs like penicillin, including high doses of Vitamin A supplements do have side-effects associated with chapped lips. So, prior to embarking on such medications, it might help if you take key precautionary measures, including actions that would help maintain your skin’s moisture level, not mentioning keeping your PH to an alkaline state.

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