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Upcoming Jewelry Trends You Shall Not Miss in 2019

You may not be paying enough attention to jewelry and fashion trends if you are still working remotely. If you want to make a comeback in the fall, it is important that you are aware of what’s hot.

What are the top trends?

1. Textured metals

A simple silver or gold bracelet will not make an outfit complete. You might be wrong. You can accessorize with textured metal jewelry for any occasion.

Metals such as silver, gold, bronze and copper can be easily manipulated and held the shapes they were bent into. The soft surfaces of metals allow for a wide range of patterns and styles. Because they are naturally patina, texture metal jewelry is a great match for antique pieces.


2. Lab-Grown Diamonds

Although diamonds are timeless, people have been more aware of lab-grown gems in recent years. Lab-grown diamonds are made to look exactly like natural diamonds. This type of gem has many benefits, including better quality and clarity.

Lab-grown diamonds are not subject to the same impurities that natural gems. They are therefore more pure, stronger, brighter and more brilliant. Many natural diamonds come from conflict areas that were mined in unsafe conditions.

Finally, lab-grown diamonds can be more affordable for fashionistas on a tight budget. Because of their rarity, diamonds can be quite expensive. But, manufactured diamonds, particularly colorful ones, can be purchased for pennies on the dollars.

3. Beads

The rise of 90s fashion trends in 2019 and 2020 has been a result of the focus on the childhoods and interests of Gen Z and millennials. These trends are known by the names kidcore, rainbow core and neo-nostalgia. Beads are another fad that will be in jewelry trends in 2020.

Rainbow beaded bracelets and bright, colorful earrings are just a few of the options. You can also make customized necklaces right from middle school. You can add a playful touch or professional flair to any outfit with bead jewelry.

4. Chains

Chain jewelry returned to the fashion scene in early 2018, and it looks like this trend is still going strong. While some prefer to wear bulky, heavy cable link chains, others opt for more subtle pieces. Chain jewelry can be worn with almost any outfit, no matter the style.

Chain jewelry can be a great addition to any outfit if you are able to correctly wear it. The chunky necklaces look great with a large sweater or oversized shirt and high-waisted jeans. To add an elegant yet simple touch, daintier chains can be paired with either one- or two-tone outfits. You can wear a handchain bracelet on the right wrist, and a mirror image on your left wrist with a similar item.

These are the Latest Jewelry Trends

These jewelry trends will help you look your best for fall. Chains, lab-grown and lab-grown diamonds as well as beads are all a big hit on the runways and in department stores.

You want to know more about the 2021 jewelry trends and the latest fashion styles? You can also visit the rest of our blog.

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