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Typical Reasons To Install Shower Doors

There are several reasons to install shower doors in your bathroom. They are easy to maintain, make a bathroom feel bigger, and add safety benefits. However, it would help if you considered a few things before making your final decision. In the information below, we’ll discuss the benefits of frameless shower doors and how they differ from standard ones.

Safety Benefits

Frameless shower doors are made of glass, which makes them safer for people to use in the bathroom. They are much stronger than ordinary glass, so shards and glass water splashing on bare feet have fewer risks. Also, tempered glass is much more durable than ordinary glass.

A frameless shower door also has fewer hardware components, requiring less maintenance than traditional shower doors. The hardware on traditional doors is prone to rust and requires constant replacement. Frameless shower doors also require specialized hinges, which add up to 30% of their cost. Additionally, the glass used in frameless doors is made of tempered glass, which reduces the risk of dangerous shards of glass.

Another added benefit of frameless shower doors is their ease of cleaning. Because the glass is seamless, it can be cleaned easily. This means the door won’t need to be replaced as often as traditional shower doors.

Make A Bathroom Feel Larger

Shower door makes a bathroom appear larger by reflecting light and making the space more open. They can also help you create a minimalist design. Bathrooms can be small, but installing glass frameless shower doors can increase the space-saving factor of a bathroom. Also, keeping toilet paper rolls on a roll will help create the illusion of a larger bathroom.

Another way to make a bathroom appear larger is to use large mirrors. Mirrors reflect light and can add visual intrigue to any room. They also make a room seem wider by reflecting the opposite wall. Using floor-to-ceiling mirrors can also make a bathroom seem larger. Adding large tiles on the walls will also help streamline the space.

Easy To Maintain

If you choose a glass shower door, you must first clean it after every use. Hard water spots can form on glass doors if not cleaned correctly. These can cause a stain to appear on the glass. You can use a squeegee to wipe the glass after every shower to prevent these spots. These squeegees can be purchased for under $20 and prevent the formation of hard water stains on your glass shower doors.

Mixing heated dish detergent and distilled white vinegar can also make your shower door cleaner. This cleaner has a grease-cutting ability, so you can mix it with water and use it on both the front and back of your door. Let it sit on the doors for about 30 minutes, then wash them with fresh water. Then, use a damp sponge to scrub the surface and dry them with a microfiber cloth.

Easy To Install

Shower doors are easy to install if you have the right tools. To install a shower door, you need to measure the width of the shower opening and its height and depth. Make sure the measurements are accurate and centered. Next, sketch the shower in elevation and fill in the necessary measurements. Make sure to measure the length of the threshold, too. Once you have the measurements, you can cut the aluminum base track using a hacksaw. You can then file the ends smoothly with a file. To avoid any metal filings on your bathroom floor, vacuum it after each step.

While some shower doors are easy to install, others require professional installation. Installation time can range from two to four hours. Some shower doors have pre-scored marks that make them easier to install. Ensure you follow the instructions carefully since installing a shower door can be tricky.

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