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Types of Friends Every Mom Needs

Most mommies would agree; it’s impossible to get by without your friends. There were stages in your life where these people have been very important to you. You’ve shared almost everything to them ranging from woeful boyfriend tales, your worries, and you know that you could relax when you’re with them. To pay tribute to this kind of friends, we’re here to share some of the most common friends that every mom should have.

The Mommy with the Oldest Kid

She’s referred to as the demi-goddess’ who knows almost everything about parenting. You know that you can count on her on several topics, such as how to get rid of lice, what lunchboxes work best for kindergarten, and when you should start buying your kids’ school supplies. Not just that; she’s so nice that you could even get some hand-me-downs from her. Having said all that, the only way that you’re going to stop being her friend is if she’s convicted of first degree murder. However, if it’s still possible to call her regularly from prison and ask for tips and advices, maybe you’ll still consider her as your best friend.

The Mommy with the Youngest Kid

She’s the complete opposite of the first one. When you’re around her, you feel smart and competent. She’s more innocent than you and doesn’t have a clue on how to be a good mommy. So, she usually sees you as the all-knowing mom and this makes you feel good about yourself.

The Friend without Kids

When you’re tired of being called mom, you go to her and feel like the old you once again! She’ll ask about your children for the first fee minutes, but the conversation could segway into something else if you want to.

The Friends Who’s Just Awfully Nice

Did you lose weight? This friend knows how to make your day. Likewise, she’s also concerned about your kids and she knows how to make them feel good. If you need someone to watch over your kids when you’re away, this friend would be the first person who will enter your mind. However, you got to admit, when you first met this friend, you were slightly intimidated because she seems perfect.’ Then, you begin to realize that she probably is.

The Friend Your Kids like More than You

It doesn’t matter if she has kids or not; she’s similar to Mary Poppins and have the talent of making kids laugh and smile. Kids adore her so much that they always feel excited and happy when she’s around.

The Friend Who’s Not so Nice

This friend never runs out of hilarious stories about the mom who was rude and arrogant. She’s quite frank and honest. Likewise, she doesn’t like to sugarcoat her opinions and she openly complains about her own kids without worrying about what your impression may be. Every time you talk to her, you feel like Mother Theresa, thinking that you’re way better than her.

The Childhood Friend

This friend has known you forever and she’s like a sister to you. No secrets, no pretense, and nothing to hide when you’re around her. You know that you could be who you are when you’re talking to your childhood friend.

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