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Top Tips for Keeping Your Ears Clean and Healthy

Many of us are guilty of taking our hearing for granted. We assume that we’ll always be able to hear and don’t think about how to take care of our hearing. But without good aural hygiene and care, you might find that you start to experience hearing loss or issues like tinnitus much sooner than you would think. Here are some tips to help you keep your ears clean and healthy. 

Turn the Volume Down

We all turn the volume up when a song that we love comes on the radio, and in moderation, this shouldn’t affect your hearing. But if you regularly have the volume on the TV and your car audio very loud, or you wear headphones with the volume turned right up, you may be causing damage to your hearing. 

Try to turn the volume down a point or two, and if you find that you have to have it turned right up to hear well, make an appointment to get your hearing checked. 

Ditch the Cotton Buds

Most of us have, at some point, stuck a cotton bud into our ear canal to clear out wax and dirt. But putting anything into your ear canal can cause damage to your ear drum, and chances are, you are just going to push the wax further in. 

Use your finger to carefully clean your outer ear, and never push anything inside. 

Remember, Some Wax is Healthy

If you’ve always been on a mission to remove all of the wax from your ears to keep them clean, you are doing it wrong. Some wax protects our ears, and you shouldn’t try to remove it. 

Get Professional Help with Waxy Buildups

That said, too much wax can cause a blockage, which restricts hearing. If you are worried about a waxy build-up, instead of trying to clear the wax yourself, visit for professional help to make sure your ear canal is cleaned safely.

Get a Hearing Test

We get our eyes tested regularly, and we go to dentists for check-ups even when nothing is wrong, but we typically don’t get our hearing tested between childhood and old age. Instead, we simply turn the TV up and ignore hearing changes. If you experience hearing loss or other ear symptoms, head for a check-up as soon as possible. 

Challenge Yourself

The best way to keep any of our senses strong is to challenge them. Give your hearing a workout by actively using it. When outside, challenge yourself to pick out different sounds or hear things in the distance. 

Combat Stress

Stress can cause high blood pressure, affecting how your body works, including your hearing. Combat stress by finding relaxing hobbies, getting plenty of rest, and being open about your worries and problems, and you might find that problems like tinnitus disappear. 

Keep Your Ears Dry

When our ears are wet, there’s a risk of water and bacteria travelling to our ear canal, which can cause infection or skin issues. 

When you shower, swim, and even when you’ve been caught in the rain, carefully dry your outer ears with a clean, soft towel. 


Exercise reduces stress and boosts circulation. This helps our bodies work well and can even boost hearing and ear health. Proper blood circulation keeps the body running and stay healthy.

At The End

Taking care of your ears helps to keep them healthy and free from infection and protects your hearing. If you are worried about anything to do with your ears, get professional help. 

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