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Top Remedies for Dry Eyes

Got that burning or stinging feel? Yes, having dry eyes can be not only uncomfortable but also painful. Yet if you didn’t know how to handle the situation, relax! This article has it. It helps shed light on some of the leading remedies for dry eyes. You want to read on.

Supplement your diet with fatty acids

Eating adequate omega-3 fats is known to relieve symptoms of dry eye syndrome. That’s right, this type of fat does reduce inflammation in your body, eyes included. That should, of course, allow for increased production of quality tears in your eyes. You only need to use omega-3 supplements, or eat foods rich in the nutrient. Such foods include chia seeds, walnuts, fatty fish, palm oil and soybean oil, among others.

Maintain good eye practices

This remedy is sure to win. Of course, the way you handle your eyes and eyelids has an effect on the amount of tears produced. But tears lubricate your eyes, preventing them from getting dry. Blink often; it helps spread fluid across your eyeballs. Especially when watching TV, reading, or using a computer, endeavor to blink regularly. Equally handy is wearing sunglasses. Exposure to the sun doesn’t just cause dry eyes, it worsens the condition. You also want to apply a lukewarm compress to your eyes to aid unplug blocked tear glands. And, as if it’s not enough, cleaning your eyelids with a mild wash should be ideal.

Change your environment

A few changes might make all the difference if it’s your environment that’s causing your eyes to dry out. Windy conditions, for instance, would dry your eyes. Remain indoors when it’s windy, plus get yourself a humidifier to help add moisture to your home. Either, use suitable eyewear to shield your eyes from the wind when engaging in outdoor activities like skiing. You also want to shun smokers, not mentioning quitting smoking.

Try drops or ointments

There are uncountable non-prescription products for dry eyes out there. Yes, artificial tears or eye drops can bring you momentary relief. If, however, you react to drops that contain preservatives, use the non-preservative type. You might consider ointments as well. They are thicker than drops, and are designed to provide a long-term relief from dryness. Still, use ointments before bedtime as they can impair your vision temporarily while using them. Use drops for day-use.

Know when to see your doctor

If you feel there is something serious causing your eyes to dry, it’s a moment to visit the doctor. Same thing applies if the aforementioned remedies don’t seem to be working for you. Symptoms that should raise an alarm include redness and swelling, pain beyond mild irritation, eye discharge, continued dryness even after self-care, among others. Obviously, the doctor should help diagnose the condition further, and give it the attention it deserves.

There you have it! And while dry eyes can be a natural part of the aging process for most people, the condition can be induced in some cases. Either way, I do hope these top remedies come in handy for you.

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