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Top Nightclubs in New York

Visiting New York City is like a dream come true for many people. New York City is called the “Big Apple” because of its Broadway performances, exclusive showrooms, high-flying business tycoons, etc. But, how can we miss out on the ultimate nightlife here? Be it friendly dive bars, sophisticated cocktail dens, bottle service, or dance clubs, this city has all of it

Once the sun goes down, New York City becomes alive. Its avenues start blushing, bridges start whispering, the bars start grumbling, and the nightclubs in New York start roaring. You will never get tired of the amazing nightlife of this city. So, why not discover some of the best nightclubs in New York?

8 Amazing Nightclubs That Can’t Be Missed in New York

In New York City, you will be able to find something different and exciting that can fit every taste and preference of people visiting. After the sun sets, there is no point in just sitting in your apartment. You need to get your party shoes and check out the night hotspots in this lively city.  Let’s look at some of the most popular and preferred nightclubs in New York

  1. Marquee (Manhattan)
  • Location – 289, 10th Avenue
  • Opening days – Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday
  • Opening Hours – 11.00PM – 4.00AM
  • Cover Charges – $35 – $75

Marquee is one of the oldest nightclubs in New York and the most successful EDM in the whole town. Marquee is packed on the weekends, as they have the top talents performing there. This is a colorful, multi-tiered dance club with LED screens, beautiful high ceilings, and plenty of night owls.

  1. PHD Terrace New York
  • Location – 210 W, 55th Street
  • Opening days – Tuesday – Sunday
  • Opening Hours – 5.00 PM – 12.00 AM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 5.00 PM – 1.00 AM on Thursdays and Fridays. 3.00 PM – 2.00 AM on Saturdays and Sundays

PHD Terrace is located on the 15th and 16th Floors of the Dream hotel, located in the Midtown block. They do not charge for general admissions but have some bar tabs that vary throughout the week. You can have a glorious view of Times Square and Manhattan from here. This nightclub is a favorite spot for those who seek pleasure after their world hours or even on the weekends. Indeed, it is one of the fantastic nightclubs in New York, which gives a true flavor of nightlife to all party lovers. 

  1. House of Yes
  • Location – 2 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn
  • Opening days – Wednesday – Saturday
  • Opening Hours – 7 PM – 2 AM on Wednesday, 10 PM – 4 AM on Thursday, and 7 PM – 4 AM on Friday and Saturday.
  • Cover charges – $0 – $40 depending on the kind of event

House of Yes is one of the most expensive yet unique, phenomenal nightclubs in New York. It was opened in 2016 and has been the center of attraction due to its creativity and offers. House of Yes has an amazing dance floor, beautiful bar arrangement, performing events, special parties, cinema tributes, and much more. As this is a big attraction of the town, it is preferred to make bookings here. 

  1. Somewhere Nowhere
  • Location – 112 W 25th Street
  • Opening days – Thursday – Sunday
  • Opening Hours – 10 PM – 4 AM
  • Cover charges – $60 – $70

Somewhere nowhere nightclub is located on the 38th and 39th floor of the Marriott Chelsea Hotel. This nightclub in New York transports you to an incredible hidden garden-themed lounge where the music, art, and ambiance make you feel like a dream. It has the tallest rooftop pool in New York City. 

The top-tier DJs and artists come here from around the world to perform. Somewhere Nowhere is both an indoor and outdoor venue. The experience here starts as soon as you enter the building with some stunning pieces of paintings, art, graffiti, neon signs, and a lot more. 

  1. Avenue New York
  • Location – 116, 10th Avenue
  • Opening days – Monday
  • Opening Hours – 11 PM – 4 AM
  • Cover charges – $5 – $15

 The entry hall of Avenue New York speaks a lot about this place. In this nightclub in New York, you are going to have the most unforgettable fun of your life, which you have never had earlier. Avenue New York is famous for its exotic ambiance and experience. 

  1. Lavo Nightclub
  • Location – 39 East, 58th Street, Midtown East
  • Opening days – Thursday – Saturday
  • Opening Hours – 11 PM – 4 AM
  • Cover charges – $20 for women and $30 for men

By just trailing under the noses of many nightclubs in NY City, this nightclub has made its place in one of the top nightclubs in New York city in a very short period. It is a restaurant cum nightclub. 

Lava nightclub is famous for its Italian cuisine restaurant on the first floor. And the most exciting activities take place on the ground level, with numerous thrilling performances by internationally renowned DJs. 

  1. Electric Room
  • Location – 355 W, 16th Street (in Dream Downtown)
  • Opening days – Friday
  • Opening Hours – 11 PM – 4 AM

This is one of the VIP nightclubs in New York.  As the name states, the electric room is an intimate room that can accommodate more than 100 people. The room has a distinct cool; feel, high-end spirits, and the special cocktails being served. Moreover, they do not charge for the covers but have the bottle service ranging from $450 – $600.

  1. Harbor Rooftop Club
  • Location – 621 W 46th Street
  • Opening days – Friday – Sunday
  • Opening Hours – 11 PM – 4 AM
  • Cover charges – $30 – #50

Harbor is one of the newest and most breathtaking rooftop nightclubs in New York. This has a rooftop lounge, beautiful ceiling windows, and views of the Hudson River. In the harbor, you can enjoy great music, exotic cocktails, delicious food and much more. 

Final Words

New York City is known as the nightlife capital of the world and houses some of the best nightclubs. This city never sleeps and holds something memorable and fun-filled each night. So if you want to have the most fun and amazing night out, then don’t forget to check the list and party hard in your nearest nightclubs in New York. 


What is the most popular club in NY City?

Marquee (Manhattan) is the most popular club in NY City.

In which club do celebrities go to in NY?

Celebrities are spotted many of the times at Avenue New York.

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