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Top NFL teams with the most fans

For Americans, the NFL is more than just a sport; it represents a long-standing legacy that extends both inside and outside of American territory. Each NFL team has a massive fan following because American football is the only sport that Americans care about as much as baseball and basketball. There is no denying the fervor with which football supporters embrace their sport and express their enthusiasm.

They do everything from purchasing club apparel, jerseys, collectibles, posters, and figurines to going to every game and showing their support for their preferred teams. In the NFL, countless fans from states such as Illinois give their all for their team and harbor dreams of winning the championship. The National Football League does definitely have a significant impact on its supporters.

Why do NFL teams have many supporters?

There are various reasons why a fan will choose to be loyal to a certain team. In the NFL, the generation of fans can be attributed to the following:

The success of the team

Teams that are successful will undoubtedly have the most supporters in a society and culture that values the ultimate reward, winning division titles, securing home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, and winning a conference championship. Everything revolves around winning Super Bowls and bringing the Lombardi Trophy home to enjoy the whole offseason.

Teams that constantly win games against top teams and can compete for the NFL championship are usually the most followed, as fans are happy and satisfied with their performances. A team that has never won the Super Bowl will most likely have fewer fans than teams that have won the title.

Favorite players

Many fans have been seen to be loyal to certain players and, in most cases, eventually support their teams. Players who are phenomenal athletes, with incredible skill and quality, have the most fans. Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who is widely regarded as the greatest of all time in the NFL, is an amazing example of how a player can single-handedly amass numerous fans for his team. As a result of his tremendous longevity, he has played in the NFL for 22 years, garnering massive fans for the New England Patriots from 2000 to 2010, before moving to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he has also generated a substantial number of supporters.

Growing up with the team

Fans who grew up with or live around the team tend to be loyal throughout their years of enjoying the sport and being a lifestyle choice. The natives of Illinois will undoubtedly support the Chicago Bears, as opposed to supporting teams from other states. They also tend to be more invested in traditions and other activities that involve the teams they grew up watching and loving.

Despite being based in the United States, the NFL has also amassed fans from all over the world, some more than others.

Which of the top NFL teams have the most fans?

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears, one of just two original NFL franchises still in existence, were established in Decatur, Illinois, on September 17, 1920. (1920). Every season, the team participates in the NFL as a member of the NFC (National Football Conference). The Bears have a few noteworthy accomplishments to their credit.

Eight NFL Championship victories and a Super Bowl victory are among the accomplishments, and the team now holds the record for the most victories in NFL history. While the NFL season is ongoing, loyal fans of the Bears can place wagers on the games at BetMGM Sportsbook in Illinois, where bettors experience high-quality services and the best bonuses. 

Soldier Field serves as the Bears’ home stadium. The Chicago Bears are among the teams with the largest fan bases, having about 3.9 million supporters.

To support their favorite team, their supporters are always prepared to fill Soldier Field on any Sunday.

New Orleans Saints

As a member of the NFC professional football league, the New Orleans Saints compete in the NFL each season. They have a sizable fan base despite being the least successful team in their first several decades and going 20 seasons without a win. However, the team’s fans and supporters reached new heights after their achievement in 2009, when they impressed and took the Super Bowl home.

With a 4 million-strong fan base, the Saints currently have a huge following, and are one of the biggest in the NFL. Sports have long been supported by the people of the city of New Orleans. The New Orleans Saints’ presence has always had a big impact on uniting the people. As a result, everyone in the city adores and supports them greatly.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers, who have been around since 1933, raised the bar with 6.3 million supporters. The most important lesson learned over the years is to never undervalue the influence of the Steelers’ supporters, as their support is unwavering.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are regarded as one of the all-time most prosperous NFL teams and have won six Super Bowls. As for which team has won the most Super Bowls, the Steelers and Patriots are tied for first place. The team also takes pride in the fact that it has hosted and played in more NFL conference finals than any other team. 

New England Patriots 

The Patriots, who boast a 7 million-strong fan following, are well-liked outside of Boston. When you are a supporter of this incredible team, there is nothing like the atmosphere of a home game at Gillette Stadium. 

The New England Patriots and the Steelers share the record for the most Super Bowl victories since the franchise’s founding in 1959. The team also boasts of the record for having appeared in the most Super Bowls. The squad also holds the records for the most regular-season victories, the most winning seasons in a row, and the most playoff victories.

Dallas Cowboys

This team was established in 1960 and has amassed five Super Bowl victories. To really grasp the strength of 8.5 million utterly dedicated supporters, one simply needs to experience the fervor at an AT&T Stadium home game.

The Dallas Cowboys are not the only NFL team with the biggest fan base. This group is truly regarded as the most expensive sports team in the world, with a value exceeding $5 billion.


Teams in the NFL have not only gathered fans from around the world due to their successes and victories, but they have also done so by inspiring and uniting fans. 

It should be noted that this piece only highlights some of the NFL teams with the most fans. 

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