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Top best places to teach English in Asia

It’s not common to consider Asia as the top spot in a list of locations for teachers considering which countries to relocate to. However, northeast Asian places, such as Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan, are highly sought-after by teachers since many prefer to teach English in other countries through well-established government-sponsored programs. In Southeast Asia, the economically-thriving countries of Thailand, Vietnam, and China hope to increase the number of English speakers on domestic soil.

In South and Central Asia, while there isn’t much demand for foreign teachers yet, demand is growing at an alarming rate. Around the globe, English is on its way to becoming a universal language that connects students, business people and even tourists to challenge the status quo and allow for cultural exchange.


Teaching in Asia and being a part of one of the most stunning and unique cultures. It is either a love or a hate affair for India, but if you decide to teach in India, you’ll be falling in love with this region within a matter of minutes! India always impresses with its grand mausoleums and palaces, incredible food and colours everywhere! Goa, Mumbai and New Delhi are among the best places to learn English throughout Asia or to be wholly immersed in Indian traditions when you teach in rural villages away from the main roads.

  • According to payscale, the median amount of High School Teachers in India is about Rs307316.


Private language and kindergartens are a big industry in the Middle Kingdom and constantly seek native English-speaking TEFL teachers. You can teach abroad in Asia or in fashionable Shanghai the capital, Beijing, or in the city of China’s Terracotta Warriors, Xi’an. If you’ve earned a master’s degree in teaching, you can also teach at Chinese universities. The teaching profession in Asian countries such as China isn’t going to result in a considerable amount of money, but you’ll be able enjoy a comfortable life and travel in your spare time.

  • Expected Salary Monthly: $1200-2800 USD. Teaching 16-30 hours at an after-school academy. Numerous perks are offered, including the allowance for housing and reimbursement of flights.
  • There are no requirements: It is possible that you may find a job using just an undergraduate degree, and, sometimes, they’ll pay the certificate as a TEFL.

South Korea

One of the top nations to teach English to students in Asia can be South Korea. The pay is pretty good and often includes bonuses and free rent and tickets between home and the office at the beginning and at the end of each month of the teaching agreement. No matter if they teach at a public school or a the hagwon (cram schools), ESL teachers often have plenty of money to tide their way through the end of each month so that they can explore the hermit nation as well as other parts of Asia or to pay off debts at home.

  • Monthly salary expected between $1,500 and $1,700 for working from 22 to 30 hours in an after-school school academy, which has perhaps the most significant perks in the Asian market for TELF/ESL.
  • Requirements: A bachelor degree and TEFL certification are required. It is also necessary to obtain them notarized with a check by your police department in your country.


It would be best if you forgot what you have learned regarding Vietnam in Apocalypse Now. In reality, a Southeast Asian nation is one of the top countries to learn English throughout Asia. You could teach and enhance your Vietnamese in remote villages or bustling cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. For better wages and to find the most lucrative jobs, ensure that you are certified in TEFL before you leave or when you get down.

  • The expected monthly wage is $900-1800 USD for working between 18 to 25 teaching hours in the after school academy.
  • Requirements: Bachelor’s degree is the only requirement.
  • Living costs: A one-bedroom apartment cost 300-450 dollars per month. The typical meal is $1-3 USD.


The capital city of the country in Taiwan, Taipei, isn’t the first location that people think about when teaching in other countries, yet it could be. Taiwan is a country that has plenty to offer, from lush subtropical beaches to lush mountains to vibrant cities and centuries of history and cultural heritage. Taipei is among Asia’s most economically prosperous cities and comes with modern amenities and high technology infrastructure. From lively markets and food stalls to top-quality museums and breathtaking temples, there’s no shortage of interesting new things to do.

It’s also a wonderful location to learn Mandarin Chinese since, even though it’s not a region of Mainland China, Mandarin is Taiwan’s official language. Another major reason why people love Taipei (and Taiwan in general) is the friendliness and warm welcome of its citizens. One ITA Alumni who taught in Taipei affirms “Taiwan is probably the friendliest place I’ve ever visited.”

  • Monthly salary expected: $1,500 to 2,500 USD for 20 to 30 hours teaching in an after-school academy. The academy does not offer many additional benefits provided. However, they do provide excellent healthcare.
  • Requirements: A two-year degree is required. It’s ideal for couples.
  • Living costs: One-bedroom apartment is $150-350 USD per month; the average meal is $2 and $5.


Thailand is one of the largest tourism sectors across the region, making Thailand a melting pot of various lifestyles. In comparison to other countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines, the average of Thailand’s English proficiency is quite low. However, the country and its inhabitants are aware that they must learn the global language, which has led to the need for English teachers rising. Apart from Bangkok and other cities, other Thai cities like Hat Yai and beautiful Chiang Mai have increased requirements for English teachers. In contrast to Bangkok, there is less competition severe in these regions. The majority of native people who speak English, especially those who have college degrees and English certificates for teaching, are sure to secure a good job in Thailand. Because of the massive demand, even the less experienced can be offered excellent job opportunities. However you’re always better off with the proper certification.

  • Monthly salary expected: $800-$1,200 for 40 hours at a state-run school; however only 18 hours will be spent teaching.
  • It is required to have a Bachelor’s degree is obligatory. (However, it’s important to note that I worked with those who “bought” a degree once they had arrived on the island of Thailand.)
  • Living costs: Apartment with one bedroom $300-$100 per month. The average dinner is $13-3 USD.

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