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Top Benefits of Recycling Copper

Metal recycling is a lucrative business. Many entrepreneurs who started with a small metal recycling business have expanded because of the continuous demand for scrap metal from various industries. As a result, many businessmen have claimed a stake in the industry. They have also found success thanks to the overflowing supply and ever-increasing demand.

However, metal recycling can become even more lucrative if the entrepreneur focuses on copper recycling. It entails sourcing recyclable copper scraps and processing them for profit. Copper is one of the most in-demand non-ferrous metals and sells for a premium. It is also one of the easiest to source because metal is abundant in many everyday products. There are several benefits of recycling copper and businessmen are quick to take advantage of this. 

Here are the benefits of recycling copper.

Highly profitable

Compared to other ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals fetch a higher price, and copper is one of the resources that command top dollar. Copper prices depend on various market forces, but generally, they sell for a premium, and the demand is always high. Scrap sellers also try to clean copper scraps to ensure better prices. 

Easy to source and locate

Copper materials are easily obtainable. Copper materials are abundant around the neighborhood. Enterprising individuals can spot copper from gutters, electrical wires, piping materials, and other plumbing fixtures. There’s also copper in most appliances and gadgets. Entrepreneurs ensure they’ll get top dollar when they strip off the rubber insulating cover to expose the copper material.

Easily recyclable 

The industry demand for copper scraps doesn’t seem to wane in the near future. The energy, cost, and effort to produce copper from virgin ore are pretty high, so industries understand that recycling copper can be more beneficial for the bottom line. Since copper retains its qualities regardless of the number of times recycled, enterprises take advantage of this. In addition, copper is one of the most reused and repurposed scrap materials, and recyclers wouldn’t have much trouble sourcing more. 

Reduces landfill use

Recycling copper decreases the volume of waste that ends up in sanitary landfills. With the volume of garbage being processed daily, people need to do their share in protecting the environment. In this case, copper recycling not only provides an avenue to earn but also a way to help nurture Mother Earth. 

Protects natural resources

Recycling copper reduces the demand for mining virgin ore. Since copper retains its qualities regardless of the number of times processed, recycling the material helps protect natural resources. Instead of depleting the already limited resource, recycling copper helps preserve it for future generations. 

Provides employment 

The recycling industry generates a lot of employment and contributes to the economy in several ways. The employees pay taxes and keep the markets afloat, which benefits more people in the populace. Recycling copper and other similar resources add to the thriving economy. 


Metal recycling is a highly profitable industry. Several entrepreneurs who started small have expanded because of the opportunity and benefits of recycling materials such as copper, steel, brass, and other similar resources. 

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