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Top 5 Tips When It Comes To Wearing Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry has been a symbol of beauty, style, and wealth for centuries. Whether it’s a simple gold chain, a pair of sparkling gold earrings, or a statement gold ring, gold jewelry always adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Doesn’t matter if you’re considering purchasing your first piece of gold or expanding an existing collection, there are a few tips to keep in mind when wearing gold jewelry. Gold jewelry should complement your overall style while making you feel comfortable and confident. This article discusses the top 5 tips to follow when it comes to wearing gold jewelry.

1. Choose The Right Gold Purity

Gold jewelry comes in different purities, measured in karats. 24-karat gold is the purest but the softest. 18-karat gold is 75% pure gold, providing an ideal balance of purity and durability for most jewelry. 14-karat gold is the most durable and suitable for rings. Gold rings and other jewelry you wear often are best made of 14-karat to 18-karat gold. Higher karats like 22-karat and 24-karat are better suited for gold chains and pendants.

2. Store Your Gold Jewelry Carefully

Gold can get scratched and dented easily when it comes into contact with other jewelry pieces. Keep your gold jewelry in separate compartments or soft-lined boxes and never pile them on top of each other. This prevents scratches and dents, which compromise the beauty and structure of gold. It is also a good idea to keep gold away from harsh chemicals like chlorine. Remove your gold jewelry before getting in a swimming pool or hot tub as chlorine can damage gold over time.

3. Have Your Gold Jewelry Professionally Polished Regularly

As you wear gold rings and other gold jewelry over the years, they lose their shine and luster due to everyday wear and tear. Have your gold jewelry professionally polished by a jeweler once every 6-12 months to restore its bright yellow shine. Polishing removes a fine layer from the surface and gives gold a bright new glow without altering its shape or hallmarks. For heavily worn gold rings, ask the jeweler to check if additional gold needs to be added to the band to maintain its round shape before polishing.

4. Give Gold Jewelry A Break

While gold is a durable metal, constantly wearing gold jewelry can strain the metal and cause damage. Give your gold rings, bracelets, and watches a break from time to time. Don’t wear the same gold rings daily for years without removing them. Let gold jewelry rest for a full day or more in between wears. This allows the metal to retain its original shape and prevents the weakening of the structure due to prolonged contact with your skin oils and constant friction.

5. Have Gold Jewelry Professionally Inspected Annually

Take your precious gold jewelry to a jeweler once a year for a professional inspection and cleaning. The jeweler will check gold rings, chains, and other pieces for any damage or weak links and repair or replace them. They also ensure any gemstones in gold rings or other jewelry are securely held in place. An annual professional inspection helps detect any issues early on before they can potentially become irreparable damage. It gives you peace of mind that your cherished gold jewelry is in excellent working condition.

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