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Top 5 Most Popular Beach Games

Everyone loves a nice day out at the sand and surf to kick off summer vacation or weekend getaways. You can feel the energy in the air of all those warm days filled with sunshine and relaxation – but what’s even better?

Adding some fun games into the mix. Outdoor beach games can make for an even more entertaining day for friends, family members, and loved ones alike. But which beach game should you choose?

We’ve got you covered with this list of our top 5 most popular outdoor backyard games that are beach friendly. Read on to learn more.

5 Popular Beach Games

1.) Cornhole

Cornhole brings fun and plenty of laughs in the outdoors. It’s a great way to spend time with your friends, regardless of age. All you need is two cornhole boards placed at opposite ends of the playing area – then all that’s left is for each team to take turns throwing bean bags onto their opponent’s board, hoping they score points. Of course, the one who gets more points wins – so get ready for some friendly competition while bonding over this classic outdoor game.

2.) Bocce Ball

If you’re looking for an easy, fun way to pass the time at the beach this summer, why not break out a game of Bocce Ball? This timeless classic is incredibly simple and has been around for centuries.

All you need are four wooden balls per team (plus one smaller ball called a pallino.) Then, players take turns trying to get their bocce as close as possible to the pallino—the closest ones count. It’s perfect if your group likes outdoor backyard games while relaxing in the sun.

3.) Horseshoes

Get your game on with some friendly horseshoes competition. Gather two teams, grab a few pairs of shoes, and head to the beach for an easy yet intense battle.

The goal is simple: get as close as possible without hitting that stake – no need for equipment or experience. It’s perfect fun for groups, small or large.

4.) Washer Toss

If you’re looking for a challenge, washer toss adds extra excitement to the traditional horseshoes game. You’ll still toss washers toward boxes placed at different distances away from you, but this time there are three designated boxes with bonus points awarded for reaching farther ones. It’s perfect for experienced gamers looking to test their skill and try something new.

5.) Social Pong

Social Pong is a game that combines the classic game of beer pong with portability and convenience. It is designed to be set up quickly and easily and can be taken anywhere you go. The game consists of two 18-in premium solid wood targets with mahogany frames connected by a durable outdoor backpack for portability.

Players can choose three different ways to use the targets: standard social pong, reverse social pong, or team social pong. Additionally, the set includes a sturdy base for storing bottles and cups so that you can enjoy your favorite drinks while playing. Social Pong is perfect for tailgates, beach days, outdoor backyard games, and more.

Most Popular Beach-Friendly Outdoor Backyard Games

If you’re planning a beach vacation, get ready for some classic (and modern) outdoor backyard games under the sun. Embrace your competitive side with traditional favorites like Cornhole and Bocce Ball, or mix it up with new games like Social Pong and Washer Toss.

So grab your crew for those breezy summer days by the shoreline and enjoy these popular outdoor backyard games for endless entertainment throughout your staycation. Thanks for reading.

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