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Top 3 tips for basketball betting

Basketball betting is as popular as the sport itself. Basketball is played nearly everywhere and by nearly everyone who likes sports in general and who has an aptness for team-based games. You don’t have to be a pro to play basketball just as you don’t have to be a pro to bet on basketball. 

With all the availability of basketball bets in sportsbooks all over the world, including totalizatori latvijā, where the sport is very popular, bettors can find a very wide range of different markets and pick those bets that provide them the best value. 

Although fun and amazing, the truth is that betting on basketball has some tricky issues and entails some challenges for punters. So, if you want to obtain an edge in basketball betting, then you should really consider the following tips. 

Check the teams’ schedule 

In basketball teams get to play many games and have a long schedule. But such a tight schedule can have an impact on their performance, because of all the fatigue caused to the players. 

Fatigue is a critical factor that has been proven to be largely influencing how players behave in the court, how alert and aggressive they are and how much strength they showcase against their opponents. It is always advisable to check the schedule of the teams in the game you are interested in placing your bets on, because it can give you important clues! 

Check underdogs playing at home

Underdogs at home always have stronger motivation and determination to win than underdogs on the road. It is very exciting to win while being at your own premises, with a cheerful and supporting crowd and eventually satisfying all your fans. 

And on the other hand it is largely disappointing to lose when you are in front of your hometown fans. So, you need to remember that underdogs are more likely to lead to upsets when they are playing at home and if you are interested in backing an underdog, then go search for the home teams. 

Check rosters and lineups 

Basketball is a team sport and this means that each and every player has a contribution to make in the overall performance. You need to check both rosters and lineups, especially if you are considering betting on a team because of a certain player’s or players’ skills and style. If, for instance, you want to back Washington Wizards because you strongly believe in Kristaps Porziņģis, then you need to make sure that he is in the lineup. 

If the player(s) is not included in the lineup due to injury, for example, then it can be easily the case where you don’t want to place the bet in the end. This is really important, regardless of the fact that bettors too often forget to check the actual basketball players that will be on the court in a certain game. So, never forget to check the lineup in order to make sure that what you have decided to bet on reflects your estimates and predictions. 

Key takeaway

When betting on basketball, always consider the context, the team composition and the teams’ schedule. All three are really important factors that can affect how a game progresses and how a game ends. 

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