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Tips To Regain & Retain Your Cultural Identity As An Immigrant

Immigration is a big decision as it entails more than leaving your country and starting afresh. It goes far beyond, disconnecting people from their roots and causing cultural gaps. You will probably know the feeling if you are an immigrant. In fact, you may even know it if your parents, grandparents, or ancestors moved from their home country to begin a new life in another part of the world. 

Fortunately, you have the option to reconnect with your roots and culture, and it is never too late. Countries like Italy offer citizenship to people with ancestral connections. In fact, the process of Italian citizenship by descent is a breeze. But you must know the steps to regain and retain your cultural identity to embark on the journey that takes you back home. Here are some valuable tips that immigrants can rely on.

Research your family background

If your ancestors relocated to another country several years ago, you may not know your family background. Start by researching it and drawing a family tree to gain insight and find missing links. You may be surprised when you find extended family in another part of the world. Talk to your parents and relatives to find out where you hail from and what connections you have in the country.

Travel to your home country

Once you trace your roots, consider traveling to your home country and connecting with them in person. Nothing gets more exciting than visiting a place and meeting people you are linked with through your bloodline. You can also experience a slice of your culture and heritage during the visit. Try the local cuisine, learn the language, and understand the customs and rituals to foster closeness to your roots.

Consider citizenship options

You may feel the pull toward your homeland once you travel there. The good thing is that you can return as a citizen. For example, the citizenship by descent route for Italy is the easiest way for people with Italian background to reconnect with their culture. You only need to provide the necessary paperwork to establish your eligibility and local connections with your ancestors. While the process is straightforward, collaborating with a citizenship expert makes sense. They can help you navigate the journey, from eligibility to exceptions, documentation, application, and other formalities. 

Re-establish your roots 

Claiming citizenship by descent is the first step toward reclaiming your connection with the land of your ancestors. You must also re-establish your roots by passing on the legacy to the next generations. The good thing about the Italian Jure Sanguinis process is that it automatically passes on citizenship rights to your children and the next generations. So your successors need not struggle to claim the right by redoing the process once you complete it and move to Italy as a citizen.

Reconnecting with your culture and homeland is the best thing you can do. If you have ancestral connections in another part of the world, you must definitely consider returning and reclaiming your roots.

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