Sitting at your work desk for 8 hours everyday doesn’t exactly result in a sculpted body and fabulous skin. But here are some things to consider and tips to keep healthy at work. Unless you work at a gym or something.well then you can probably continue to do what you’re doing.

Drink up! Water, that is.

With all the work you’re doing all day, you can sometimes forget to hydrate yourself. You may catch yourself feeling hungry and snacking, but this can all be avoided by drinking more water. Keep a bottle at your desk and mindlessly sip at it throughout the day.

Pack your meals.

Yes, we know, it’s annoying and dreadful to do. But not only does it save you money, it prevents you from making impulsive meal purchases throughout the day. Avoid the McDonald’s around the corner from your building and eat the lovely meal you slaved over. Salads and light sandwiches are easy to make. But if you’re feeling super lazy, bring some yogurt and a granola bar. Pack an assortment of fruits and veggies for your snacks as well.

Keep your finances healthy.

Being health isn’t just about the body, it’s also being able to have some self-control. You probably don’t realize it, but all those runs to the coffee shop during your breaks, rewarding yourself with a dessert after lunch, or even buying that pack of gum at the corner store it all adds up. Download an app to keep track, or even just a post-it note on your desk. Keep track of EVERY single purchase you make throughout the day, and budget yourself accordingly.

Take the stairs. Ahhhh, the dreaded stairs. Things you only use in case of fire emergencies? Not anymore. Your new replacement to the stairmaster machine at the gym. Take the stairs on your way up to your office, as well as on the way down. If you’re carrying your bags, even better they work as weights!


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