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Tips to Avoid Injuring Yourself When Playing With Fireworks

Fireworks are a popular form of entertainment that can be both beautiful and dangerous. These are common during birthday parties, family picnics and professional gatherings or at weedings. However, with all the fun comes a fair amount of risk – particularly if the proper precautions aren’t being taken. Fortunately, avoiding firework-related mishaps and injuries is much easier than many people make it look. If you plan on using/playing fireworks, it’s important to follow these safety tips:.

Distance Yourself from Lit Fireworks 

Once you’ve lit a firework, it’s in your best interest to get as far away from it as possible. Putting a safe distance between yourself and the firework helps reduce the risk of a direct collision, burns and other types of accidents. By extension, any guests should be required to view your fireworks display from a safe distance. Children, in particular, tend to gravitate toward fireworks, so if any kids are present, make sure to keep a careful eye on them. 

In addition to distancing yourself from fireworks that have been lit, you should be mindful of how close you are to fireworks that you’re in the process of lighting. For example, when lighting a firework, make sure to don protective eyewear and avoid placing any part of your body directly over it, as this can result in a direct collision between you and an active firework.   

Don’t Handle Fireworks Under the Influence 

Fireworks simply don’t mix with drugs or alcohol. Since such substances can lead to slowed reaction times and impaired judgment, neither one of which are issues you want to be experiencing when handling fireworks. You should also avoid handling fireworks when taking medication for which the aforementioned afflictions are side-effects. So, if you intend to shoot off fireworks, make sure to do so fully sober.

If you’re hosting a gathering and don’t wish to abstain from drinking, entrust the handling of fireworks to someone who’s committed to remaining dry for the duration of the event. This will ensure that everyone is able to have a good time without the threat of firework-related mishaps hanging over their heads. If you’re unable to find a designated firework-handler but still wish to consume alcohol at this event, simply scrap the fireworks altogether.    

Purchase High-Quality Fireworks, Avoid Cheap Materials 

It pays to exercise discernment when seeking out the right fireworks. So, the next time you’re looking to buy fireworks online, take some time to do a little research. For example, any company from which you purchase fireworks should have a solid reputation for creating high-quality, safety-conscious products. The less care a company puts into their fireworks, the less safe said fireworks are likely to be.

You should also take care to avoid purchasing professional-grade fireworks. These fireworks are intended for large-scale events and aren’t made to be handled by anyone other than seasoned professionals. If you have any questions regarding how safe a firework is for non-professionals, make sure to get in touch with the manufacturer. Additionally, it’s worth remembering that professional-grade fireworks can often be identified by their brown paper packaging.  

Never Attempt to Re-light a Firework 

You should never attempt to re-light a firework. Even if a firework appears to be a total dud, it may simply be a matter of delayed ignition. So, regardless of how disappointed you are in a firework failing to go off as planned, re-lighting should always be off the table. In fact, you shouldn’t even approach a dud – or a firework that you believe to be a dud – without first dousing it with water.

Furthermore, you should avoid approaching any used firework – dud or not – without thoroughly extinguishing it from a safe distance. This can go a long way toward preventing burns, garbage fires and other unfortunate mishaps. So, no matter how confident you are in the safety of the fireworks you’ve purchased, make sure to keep a bucket of water, hose or fire extinguisher close at hand.

While fireworks can make virtually any gathering more festive, they can also be very dangerous in the wrong hands. Failure to exhibit proper judgment when handling fireworks can lead to a host of negative outcomes for both you and anyone else in the vicinity. One moment of carelessness is all it takes to make a mistake that there’s no coming back from. Luckily, avoiding firework-related mishaps doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. By practicing the precautions outlined above, you can effectively pave the way for an incident-free summer.  

Further Takeaways

  1. Make sure you have permission: Always make sure you have permission to use fireworks and check local laws and regulations before setting them off. Some areas may have restrictions on the use of fireworks.
  2. Choose a safe location: Make sure you choose a safe location that is far away from buildings, trees, and people.
  3. Keep a fire extinguisher or a bucket of water nearby: Having a fire extinguisher or a bucket of water close by can help in case of a fire.
  4. Light fireworks one at a time: Do not light multiple fireworks at the same time, as this can increase the risk of injury or fire.
  5. Do not wear loose clothing: Avoid wearing loose clothing when setting off fireworks, as sparks can easily ignite them.
  6. Do not point fireworks at people or animals: Never point fireworks at people or animals, as this can cause injury or harm.
  7. Store fireworks properly: Make sure to store fireworks in a cool, dry place where children and pets cannot access them.
  8. Dispose of fireworks properly: Always dispose of fireworks properly, according to the instructions provided. Do not attempt to relight or fix a “dud” firework.

It’s important to always use caution when using fireworks and to make sure to follow all safety guidelines to avoid injury and property damage.

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