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How to Strengthen Your Immune System With Food, Supplements, & Sleep

Immunity is the body’s natural ability to combat illnesses. If you continually suffer from health issues, then this might be the right time to reconsider your lifestyle and dietary choices.  

Natural Ways to Boost Immunity 

Boosting your immunity is not as difficult as you think. You must incorporate healthy practices into your daily life to fortify yourself. After all, the body must be able to fight against harmful pathogens and disease-causing organisms. This article shares practical advice you can follow to start your journey towards having a strengthened immune system naturally. 

Eat the Right Foods 

Eat the Right Foods 

Eating right is of utmost importance. What should you include in your diet?  

  • Whole Plant Foods  

Whole plant-based foods are a solid option for a robust immune system as they are rich in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals that help you fend off illnesses. If your diet doesn’t include enough greens, it is time for you need to change it and eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and seeds to stay fit. 

Antioxidants decrease inflammation and help you avoid chronic health conditions like heart disease and Alzheimer’s. The fiber in these superfoods strengthens your gut microbiome so that your digestive tract can keep harmful pathogens at bay.  

  • Consider Healthy Fats  

Omega-3 and olive oil contain healthy fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatory elements that bolster the body’s natural immunity.  

  • Fermented Foods and Probiotics  

A healthy gut is vital for the increased immunity levels of an individual. Fermented foods contain probiotics that maintain a better immune system by helping it identify harmful pathogens. Nourish yourself with yogurt, sauerkraut, natto, kimchi, and kefir or probiotic supplements.  

  • Limit Processed Sugar  

Often referred to as white poison, processed sugar causes obesity, heart ailments, and type 2 diabetes. If you cannot eliminate it entirely, at least limit its consumption for a sound immune system. Lowering sugar intake doesn’t just help decrease inflammation but also increases the body’s energy levels

Take Vitamins & Supplements

Take Vitamins & Supplements

Our fast and sedentary lifestyles have ill effects on the immune system. Due to work pressure, stress, and responsibilities at home, we overlook the need for a balanced diet, which leads to nutritional gaps. In fact, lack of physical activity makes it worse. Hence, turning to supplements can help remedy nutrient deficits. Studies suggest that supplements can supercharge your body’s immune response. Read the following for some proof:  

  • Vitamin C  

Around 1,000 – 2,000 mg of Vitamin C daily can reduce the degree of susceptibility to the common cold in adults by 8% and in children by 14%.  

  • Vitamin D  

The intake of vitamin D supplements positively affects the body’s adaptive immune system, preventing you from getting sick.  

  • Garlic  

According to a 12-week study on 146 individuals, garlic reduces the occurrence of the common cold by a whopping 30%.  

  • Zinc  

Taking 75 mg of zinc per day can lower the chances of contracting the common cold by 33%, according to a study conducted on 575 people.  

  • Elderberry  

A review found that elderberry effectively reduces viral upper respiratory infection symptoms.  

  • Echinacea  

Research carried out on 700 people suggested that echinacea can help your body recover from common cold episodes quicker than a placebo or no treatment. 

These studies show how supplements can beef up the process of recovery from the cold and flu. Taking multi-vitamin tablets such as those from PureHealth Research can fill the nutritional gaps as they recharge your body with essential vitamins and minerals. Prevention is always better than cure. 

Get Enough Sleep 

Getting a good night’s sleep can miraculously boost your immunity by promoting the fast recovery of your entire body, mind, and soul. Poor quality rest hampers your concentration and overall mood. Moreover, lack of sleep makes you more vulnerable to infections and other diseases.

Get Enough Sleep 

Get at least seven hours of sleep each night or any time during the day to fight ailments better. Your natural immunity supercharges automatically when your body gets enough rest. Younger children must sleep for at least 9 hours, while infants need 14 hours of sound sleep for healthy physical and mental development. 

Are you having trouble sleeping? Limit screen time throughout the day as the digital screens of smartphones, TVs, or computers emit blue light that disrupts your body’s circadian rhythm. You can use a sleep mask to increase REM times. Essential oils such as lavender, ylang-ylang, or chamomile oil have shown efficiency in promoting sweet slumber. 

Stay Hydrated 

Dehydration is one of the biggest enemies of the body’s immune system. Ensure you drink plenty of water daily because although hydration doesn’t directly protect you from viruses, it can improve your overall health. Dehydration causes various complications, such as headaches, kidney and heart problems, digestion issues, constipation, etc., making your body more exposed to illness.

Stay Hydrated

Water is life and, by far, the best fluid you can consistently drink as it is calorie-free and doesn’t contain additives or sugar. Other fluids to consider are herbal tea and freshly squeezed fruit juice. However, do not drink beverages like Coke as these contain caffeine and high sugar levels. 

Physical Exercise Is a Must 

Our body, a highly complex system, is designed to support and maintain optimal health. The philosophy is, “Use it or lose it.” Incorporate moderate exercise such as light jogging, biking, walking, swimming, or hiking into your daily schedule. No physical activity means weak immunity. Several bodily functions contribute directly to revitalizing the body’s overall immunity. Hence, work out daily to let all the body parts perform in concert to ensure better health.

Physical Exercise Is a Must

Perform bodyweight exercises that include functional movements such as pushups, squats, and hinges to keep your body fit. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, offers you the benefits of cardio exercises in shorter durations.  

Exercising every day boosts your immune system by reducing inflammation. It also facilitates the regeneration of immune cells and helps with better blood circulation. Additionally, light physical training increases the efficacy of vaccines in individuals with compromised immune systems. Set aside at least 100 – 150 minutes weekly to break some sweat. 

Key Takeaways 

Supporting your immune system requires you to make healthy choices regarding diet and lifestyle. Eating nutritious foods and getting proper hydration combined with adequate sleep and physical activities are compulsory to achieve better immunity. Follow the health advice of the experts at PureHealth Research and say goodbye to diseases and infections!

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