become slim

So you aren’t looking to necessarily look a lot of weight, just to slim down and reduce your bloating? I’ve got some helpful tips on slimming down for you. These are simple lifestyle changes that can be implemented easily and have been proven to be effective.

1.) Quality over quantity

This is especially true when it comes to exercise. Many people use the excuse that they don’t have the time to workout, when truthfully, all you need is a 20-30 minute intense workout. To burn fat, your heart rate must be raised for 20-30 minutes. Yoga and pilates are also a great way to tone up and stay trim if you prefer a more calm approach.

2.) Eat more fibre

Fibre-high foods, like fruits and veggies, help your digestive system move food around, which makes you feel fuller for longer. You won’t find yourself snacking as often, and you’re feel a lot lighter when you’re digestive is removing toxins more efficiently.

3.) Drink water, lots of it

It’s no secret that water is essentially the holy grail of health. A lot of the time you feel hungry, it’s actually your body mistaking thirst for hunger. So when you’re feeling empty, drink a big glass of water. It also helps you flush out toxins, and you’ll see your gut deflate and waist slimming down.

4.) Portion control

A lot of the time, we eat quickly and eat too much. Our body actually feels full 20 minutes AFTER it’s actually full. Eat slowly, and eat proper portions. Meat, veggies, rice, pasta.. choose 2-3 of those to create a meal, and have only a handful of each.

Remember, the most effective way to slimming down is to change your lifestyle, not just your diet.


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