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Tips For Creating The Right Wardrobe For Your Vacation

Do you hate the idea of packing for a vacation? You’re not alone. According to SWNS Digital, 65% of US travelers have difficulty packing for a trip. Many people experience packing anxiety because they fear packing the wrong items or forgetting something important. However, packing for your holidays should be easy if you choose your outfits with purpose. Keep reading to learn a few tips for choosing the right outfits for a vacation to ensure you dress with confidence and style

Choose Functional Clothes

Traveling is all about exploring everything a holiday destination has to offer. And your outfit should work in different settings, from hiking trails to visiting temples, restaurants, and national parks. 

How do you ensure you pack a functional travel wardrobe?

Research your holiday destination

Before packing your travel suitcase, find out what outfits are perfect for your desired destination based on season. Doing so helps determine if you’ll need rain gear, jumpers, sundresses, shorts or cargo pants, sandals, sneakers, or boots. Let’s say you want to go for summer weekend getaways in Europe. You’ll want to pack clothing pieces perfect for a summer vacation. 

Whether you choose to visit Taormina, Sicily or Ibiza in Spain, you’ll need a pair of swimsuits and cover-ups for a beach vacation. You’ll also need summer dresses, shorts, water shoes, and accessories like hats and sunglasses.

Check local customs(traditions)

For example, if you plan to visit monuments, temples, or churches, you may need to wear clothes covering shoulders and legs. Think of a maxi dress or button-up blouse paired with a maxi skirt. For men, loose-fitting T-shirts and button-down shirts are perfect choices. 

Consider your activities

The kind of activities you plan to engage in during your vacation will affect your choice of travel clothes. For instance, if you intend to go hiking or rock climbing, opt for t-shirts, leggings, rain pants, jackets, and waterproof hiking shoes. 

Create A Travel Wardrobe

Building a wardrobe made of basic and functional clothes makes packing for holidays a simple task. Choose versatile wardrobe staples, like jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, and ballet flats, rather than the season’s must-haves. 

When building a travel capsule wardrobe, follow the rules of packing light. Consider packing clothes you can wear for a week. Even when traveling for more than a week, choose to do laundry. Pick clothes with wrinkle-free fabrics like wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers like rayon and nylon. 

Items To Pack In Your Travel Suitcase

With limited outfit options, you need to maximize your holiday wardrobe. Therefore, pick items you can interchange easily. Must-have pieces for your holiday outfits are:


Pack at least three lightweight tops, like t-shirts, blouses, or tank tops in light or neutral colors. Make sure your choice of tops can be matched with maxi skirts, shorts, or denim jeans to create a stylish look. 


Denim jeans are versatile pieces you can pair with a t-shirt, shirt, or fancy top and different shoe styles. Add a skirt and a pair of loose-fitting pants to your holiday wardrobe. These pieces can be paired with different tops. Also, pack a pair of leggings or joggers for lounging. 

Outer layers

Packing a few outer layers like denim or leather jackets is always wise whether traveling to a cold or warm region. These versatile pieces blend with any outfit and can be layered over a cardigan or hoodie

Shoes and accessories

Shoes take up much space in your suitcase, so pack two pairs of shoes you can wear multiple times. For example, if you’re going for a beach holiday, carry sandals and a pair of sneakers. Ankle boots and flats are perfect for exploring cities or towns, while cold-weather boots are suitable for winter trips. Remember to pack a few accessories like hats, sunglasses, and simple jewelry. 

Packing travel outfits can be stressful if you do it at the last minute. Therefore, pack your holiday clothes days before the trip. When packing your vacation outfits, think of your destination and the activities you’ll engage in. That way, you can choose the right attires without sacrificing comfort and style.

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