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The Ultimate Solution To Treat Dry Eyes

Dry eye is a syndrome in which the eyes get itchy, red and more watery than normal. It is not a dangerous condition and can be cured through medications. Dryness in the eyes is caused due to less production of tears. When your eye ducts are not able to produce enough tears then dryness is caused. You may be allergic to a number of things like wind, dust, or plants. There are various other reasons which may trigger dryness in the eyes. The following things make up a list of the causes of dry eyes:

  • Eye contacts that cause irritation
  • Overexposure to computer screens for a continuous time period
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Smoking
  • Dust allergy
  • Pollen allergy
  • Living in dry conditions like air-conditioned rooms

All these triggers are the most common causes of dry eyes. 

Symptoms of dry eyes

The common symptoms of dry eyes include redness, soreness, puffiness, overproduction of water in eye ducts, and blurred vision. These symptoms cause discomfort in everyday lives. You may be unable to concentrate on your work. Sometimes you are talking to people and your eyes get all watery then people may perceive that you are crying which you are obviously not. 

How to avoid getting dryness in your eyes?

You can follow some simple routines and adopt some lifestyle changes to avoid getting dryness in the eyes. It is not necessary that this condition have to be treated with medications. Following lifestyle changes can be adopted to cure this condition.

  • Avoid drinking alcohol and do not smoke too much
  • Avoid living in dry areas with less humidity
  • Dusty and windy environments must be avoided
  • Wash your eyes at least twice a day with water
  • Some medications can also cause dry eyes so you must always medical advice before taking any medicines like anti-depressants
  • Try to wear glasses if you are short-sighted instead of wearing lenses before going out of your house

How To Treat Dry Eyes?

There are various ways through which you can treat dry eyes. Some ways can be followed at home and some can be treated through medical assistance. 

  1. Clean your eyes

This is the necessary step to treat less production of tears in your eyes. You must wash your eyes first thing in the morning. Washing can help get rid of dirt or goop accumulated in your eyes after a good night’s sleep. Sometimes white goop is collected inside your eyes which triggers dryness. 

  1. Use ointments

Try to consult with your optician if you are not able to cure this condition by home treatments and remedies. An optician will be able to prescribe ointments or eye drops as lubricants to treat this condition. You can get the prescribed ointments, eye drops, or allergy medicines from PricePro Pharmacy. They are offering medicines at discounted prices. 

  1. Apply heated eye mask

A heated eye mask is used to soften blocked oil in your tear duct. It can be applied to the closed eyelids for 10 minutes. This will cure the dry eye problem to a maximum extent. 

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