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The Top 9 Interior Designs Explained

Sadly, anyone can choose the wrong interior design style!  Avoid this by first familiarizing yourself with the popular designs to help you choose the best. Here are the top nine interior design styles to inspire your home’s design. Interestingly, most Los Angeles interior designers also blend these designs for an elegant room.

So, bookmark this interior design guide for reference, especially when looking for interior home décor ideas.

1. Minimalist Interior Design Style

People confuse minimalism with uncomfortable severity and a stalk coldness — which isn’t the case. Honestly, there is a warmer take on a minimal interior style that is fuss-free clean elegant. Think refinement, simplicity, and a deft hand at great functionality and comfort.

Keep your room spare and well-edited with décor extras and printless fabrications that help serve dual purposes. With minimal interior design style, think of a museum or modern art gallery as a reference with their pull-together approach.   

2. Contemporary Interior Design Style

A contemporary interior design is often mistaken for most modern interior designs. But there is a considerable difference between the two. Contemporary style is of the moment, while modern interior designs almost mean anything back in the early aughts. Contemporary design has more freedom, while the modern design is typically fixed squared, has graphic lines, and takes on modernity.

3. Nautical Interior Design Style

The nautical interior design style is relaxing, warm, and positive. It’s also called cottage décor and reflects the New England beach house spirit. Nautical is based on sand or white-colored foundation with blue as the primary accent color. It incorporates unfinished wood in its chairs, or tables, combined with a chic line for your lounge sofas and seats.

Your preferences for decorative accents are numerous: seashells in clear jars, sailboats, rowing oars, navigation maps, jute ropes, and more!

4. Shabby Chic Interior Design Style

This is an interior design Los Angeles-based that incorporates vintage elements to recreate the antique flea market appeal. The shabby chic interior design style is noticeable by its aged appearance and distressed wood composition covered in sanded milk paint, indicating wear and tear signs. Decorative features of the shabby chic style need to be opulent and soft, with an affected feel, to contemporize it.

You can add style by introducing line textiles. Orthodox shabby chic colors are white, pastel, and ecru, but don’t shy from applying a vibrant color.

5. Scandinavian Interior Design Style

Scandinavian interior design style emphasizes a serene and clean simplicity that’s universally appealing. It highlights organic shapes with tonal textural plays, subtle interest, and a relaxed appeal in white-colored spaces with gray undertones. You can bring in hints of color via art and a unique textile-like small throw or rug.  

6. Traditional Interior Design Style

It pulls from timeless, classic shapes from mainly the 18th and 19th centuries. The traditional design comprises reproduction pieces that look antique. Decorate your furniture, but keep your room symmetry for a calm and orderly feeling. You can incorporate classical artwork or dark woods and jewel tones, too. Use heavy and luxurious fabrics.

7. Coastal Interior Design Style

Most Los Angeles interior designers prefer coastal design because it’s inherently calm and soothes your eyes. The base colors are creams and white, but the sea inspires the accent colors. You can sometimes see bright pops of red in a coastal design that takes style in a more nautical direction. Some people prefer to go obvious with the look by displaying boat motifs, but the design is less literal. 

The coastal interior design style is quite attractive since it’s textual. Minimize crazy patterns except when it comes to florals and stripes. Both are a fair bit in this design and mix quite well. 

8. Urban Modern Interior Design Style

Urban Modern is an interior design in Los Angeles, with a fusion of various complementary and opposing traits. The Urban Modern interior design style brings home trailblazing latest furniture styles. It incorporates decorative accents (mirrors, pillows, tables, etc.) that have creative and artistic expression.

Urban Modern style also comprises vintage items or elegant geometric styles with traditional embellishment. 

9. Eclectic Interior Design Style

Eclectic interior design mainly comprises high-energy furnishings. It comprises bold color palettes, patterns, and textures blended to create a unique aesthetic. Eclectic design is about go-to hues, consistency, and the freedom to explore creative directions. 


Hopefully, this post will get your interior home design project started. Remember that the best interior designs should bridge various styles together. Advisedly, hire an experienced interior designer to help you choose the best design and save a few bucks.

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