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The influence of physical culture on student performance

Each educational institution constantly improves the quality of its educational programs in order to prepare specialists who will implement their activities most effectively. Such educational programs also include physical culture, since for each person it is necessary to combine mental and physical activity.

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Proper distribution of mental loads

The mental abilities of students, of course, develop in the process of attending many academic disciplines, and physical abilities are used only during physical education classes. Student activity is primarily associated with a “sedentary” lifestyle, low physical activity, poor nutrition, sometimes bad habits and sometimes psychological burnout. Therefore, it is necessary to properly and rationally organize the educational work of students.

With the development of scientific and technological progress, the need for a person to use physical abilities in the process of life and work has decreased. In any modern society, the problem of reducing the motor activity of young people is acute. Smartphones, computers and other equipment help to replace physical labor with mental, which has already been proven to reduce the performance of the body of each individual. Consequently, the need for physical education is steadily increasing.

Studies show that the total physical activity of students during training sessions is 56-65%, and during exams, even less – 39-46% of the level when students are on vacation. It is the level of physical activity during the holidays that reflects the natural need of young people to move.

Consequences of a sedentary lifestyle

When performing activities that do not require physical effort or coordinated movements, there is an overstrain of the muscles of the face, neck and shoulders. Over time, the body gets used to such tension, «accumulates» it and begins the processes of inhibition of internal functions. Such processes can be stopped with the help of active physical exercises.

The higher the mental load, the stronger the mental fatigue. We will use existing research in this area to illustrate the relationship between the degree of overwork and the regularity of physical activity. The study confirms that the more often a student goes in for physical culture, at his own request, or within the framework of an academic discipline, the slower his state of fatigue sets in and the less often overwork occurs as such.

In addition, sports activities have a positive effect on the physical condition of the body. During exercise, muscles require more energy and the body is forced to burn more fat cells and calories, which leads to maintaining a good body quality and losing weight. With active physical activity, the quality of stem cell production increases, which contributes to the renewal of both the whole organism and brain tissues.

A positive effect is also noted on memory functions. Experiments show that if a group of people is divided into two subgroups, one of which will memorize certain information with breaks for physical exercises, and the other with breaks for rest, then the subgroup with physical activity shows better results. Such results can be explained by the fact that during exercise, the heart rate increases, which leads to an increase in blood volume, which will go not only to the muscles, but also to the brain.


There is a parallel: the higher the level of physical fitness, the higher the intellectual performance. Therefore, if the stand does not have the opportunity to perform full-fledged workouts, then you can introduce active rest or «small forms» of physical culture into your lifestyle, which usually include morning exercises, exercises, hardening, physical culture pause.

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