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The History of Watches – How Did Watches First Come About?

According to The Atlantic, back in 1916 Europeans first started to wear bracelets with clocks on them. At the time, it was a rather ridiculous concept that consumers were sure would pass with time. However, as time went on, watches began to make their debut in modern warfare. They quickly replaced the older style pocket watches, as their ease of use and the fact they were readily readable and available on soldiers’ wrists made them extremely practical for soldiers.

As time went on, modern warfare also began to quickly adapt and make improvements, especially in the communication technologies they had available to them. To strategically plan attacks, time was critical. Especially when it came to knowing what time it was as quickly as a glance at the wrist. Soldiers even began to outfit their watches with radium so that they could see at night, and to use unbreakable glass to survive warfare in general, as well as the trenches they had to maneuver through.

Through time, wristwatches began to be perceived as symbols of masculinity and power. Although today wristwatches have quickly transitioned away from the masculine mindset, they are still thought to be a symbol of modernity and power. Back then, and still true today, owning a watch is about more than just simply telling time.

What Types of Watches Are Available Today?

Aside from the recent takeover of smartwatches, older and more traditional styles of watches are still especially popular among consumers today. There are several different types of watches available on the market today, and they each have their unique benefits. Listed below are a few fan favorites when it comes to different watch styles and determining which watch may be the best option for you!

Dive Watches

Dive watches were created with one thing in mind – diving underwater, especially at extreme depths. Today, consumers typically use dive watches, not because they are avid divers, but because of dive watches water resistance. When it comes to modern timepieces and technology, water resistance has long been an overlooked feature and is one of the key distinguishing points between dive watches and other watches available on the market. Dive watches today must fall in accordance with the ISO 6425 standard. In other words, dive watches must still be able to be used for their initial intended use – being able to withstand depths of 330 feet or more. Today, dive watches are especially popular in the market because of their quality and design. They’re also extremely great options for consumers who are active and enjoy taking part in outdoor and physical activities, as well.

Swiss-Made Watches

Swiss-Made watches are a higher-end option when it comes to purchasing a watch, simply because of the craftsmanship that goes into their creation. For a watch to be truly “Swiss-made”, it must follow a strict set of guidelines outlined by Switzerland’s government. Consumers today love to show off their Swiss-made watches because not only are they fashionable, but they’re extremely durable and functional, as well. They’re most certainly a symbol of luxury, primarily because they’re so impressive in appearance. They’re typically made with a higher-end silver or steel to ensure durability, but also to provide a luxurious look for consumers!

Casual Watches

Not all watches fall under a specific designation, such as “Swiss-Made” or a “Dive Watch”. There are other, more casual watches available on the market, as well. If you’re looking for a timepiece that’s both elegant in appearance, but also practical in design, a casual watch may be a great option for you! Casual watches are still extremely durable and functional, they may just lack the water resistance or strict set of guidelines that must be followed in other watch designs. Today, many consumers feel that a casual watch is a perfect choice for them, as it’s not too pricy, and it can still successfully get the job done!

Luxury Watches

Last, but certainly not least, there are also luxury watches available on the market today. Today, luxury is typically associated with something being rather high in value or expensive. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, luxury is defined as, “something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary”. This definition is exactly what a luxury watch can do for you. Luxury watches are relatively more costly, and they’re not typically a “needed” item for consumers. However, they’re an investment you can make into yourself that will help to add pleasure and happiness to your life. Today, consumers purchase luxury watches not only because of their appearance, but because they’re also extremely durable, and are a symbol of hard work. Extreme craftsmanship also goes into the design of luxury watches, meaning that they’re built to last and can be passed from generation to generation if desired.

Finding A Watch That’s Right for You

If you’re interested in learning more about the different types of watches available in the market today or are looking to purchase one of your very own, check out these Invicta watches offered by ShopHQ.

Invicta Reserve 47mm Swiss Automatic Tungsten Bracelet Watch

This dive watch comes with a sturdy stainless-steel bracelet, a beveled diver’s bezel, bold hour markers, and a handy function, as well! This unique watch also comes with flecks of sparkle, a cool texture, and a sandstone dial that elevates the piece to previously unachievable levels!

Invicta Reserve X-Wing Arctic Ed Swiss Quartz 0.33ctw Dia Watch

If you’re looking for more of a casual, but extremely functional piece, then the Invicta Reserve X-Wing is a great option for you! It comes with signature X-shaped lugs and the bezel is lined with diamonds. It also has extremely great functionality, as it comes with Swiss quartz movement that helps to power a trio of hands, as well as a trio of subdials and a date window!

Invicta Reserve Mammoth 51mm Swiss Quartz Chronograph Watch

The Invicta Reserve Mammoth is a luxury watch that’s bound to impress. It comes with a bold, tonneau-shaped case and includes a stainless-steel bracelet with raised center links. The dial is made from glass fiber, and it includes Swiss quartz movement within its 51mm case. The Invicta Reserve Mammoth is a powerful luxury watch that you’re bound to want at your side regardless of where you are!

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